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Top 10 best GPU in mobile and tablet devices 2014

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Yesterday my brother was searching for budget android mobile and he has chosen one mobile to buy. Actually he doesn’t know much about gadgets. He just know everything should be more like internal storage, camera, ram and processor speed etc. when I asked him which gpu it has he didn’t know name of it but he replied it has gpu so it can run games. Most of people think same they want more storage more pixels in camera more ram more processor speed it’s understandable but what about GPU? Most of the mobile users ignore this feature specially ladies and kids. They just see few important things and ignore GPU.
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Let me tell you gpu is the very important thing for your android device. You can play all type of android game if you have selected the right mobile with right processor, ram and gpu. I know most of us don’t have much knowledge about these small chips even if we know more about computer hardware and graphic card than mobile. But never mind I will try to show you top ten gpu available in the android mobiles market. So you can check my this post for buying new android mobile with right graphic unit.

Top 10 Graphic Processing Unit

It is close comptition for selecting top 4 gpu’s but after researching few things we have ranked all the graphic processing unit for android mobiles. it might be change in future becaues new gpu will take over these list.

1. Adreno 330

Right now adreno 330 is the world fastest gpu for mobile phone. It is inbuilt in Snapdragon™ 800 Series Processors. Its speed can push to 3.6 gig pixels per seconds that’s why it is the fastest gpu for android in the world right now. So we can clearly say that it is the number one gpu available in market for android. It has been used in Xperia z ultra

2. SGX544mp3

It was hard to figure out which will take the second position but in the end some other factors gave this place to SGX544MP#. The SGX544MP3 has been used in galaxy s4 @ 533 MHz clock speed. Samsung added this multicore gpu in exynos 5 octa.

3. SGX554mp4 

It has almost the same performance as SGX554mp4. This graphical processing unit is quad core but still Sgx544mp3 is slight better than this. It has been used in Apple A6X Chipset in iPad 4.

4. Adreno 320

Qualcomm has told that this gpu using totally new and very high performance coding architecture and it’s 4 times better than adreno 225. This graphic unit has been used in many mobiles and tablet nexus 4, galaxy s4, htc one and xperia Z etc the result of performance amlost similar but its working faster in htc one.

5. Mali T604

First time it was used in Exynos 5 and mali t604 is the 1st Midgard architecture gpu for arm. It is 5 times better than other previous mali graphic processors and it can go to single core to quad core. It has been used in famous series of Google tablet nexus 10.

6. SGX543mp3

This graphic processor has 3 core as its shows in its model name mp3. This GPU performing on higher clock frequency than SGX543mp2. It has been used in iphone 5 and iphone 4s which perform nice for gaming.

7. Adreno 305

Adreno 305 is single core graphic processor but better than all the previous gpu made in adreno series. It has been used in entry level windows mobile like Lumia 520 and galaxy s4 mini and HTC ONE sv etc

8. Adreno 225

Adreno 225 has used in msm8960 chipset with unified shader architecture and its supports dx9. Adreno 225 and 220 almost same but their there is little difference in performance due to clock frequency speed. Where adreno 225 run on 400MHz adreno 220 run on 266MHz. this processor used in HTC One X

9 Mali 400

It is the most used gpu for budget tablet and budget mobiles. The graphical performance of this gpu is capable of running some casual games. It has been used in many tablets and mobiles galaxy s3 one of them.

10 Adreno 220

It's inbuilt in MSM8260 /MSM8660 chipset the adreno claim that it can perform 88m triangles per/s. it is also a nice gpu for budget phone and it can play casual games like angry bird and temple run etc. the adreno also claim that adreno 220 performance 2 times better than adreno 205. It’s also used in many mobiles HTC One S one of them.

Hope my this post will clear your mind with these gpu and you will understand which gpu is better to go for. if you think my ranking is wrong you can comment below so i would reconsider on it.
Whenever you see MP in the end of any mobile GPU model number that’s mean is single core and when it’s MP2 that’s mean its dual core and MP3 means its tri core and MP4 means quad core.

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