Sunday, 25 May 2014

How to get free clash of clans gems simple trick

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In clash of clan we all know how hard is to get gems if we are not buying them there are few way to earn gems in game by removing obstacle like tree, bush, truck & gems box. We all know those obstacle come back day after a day so we can get few gems sometime with it. Another way is completing achievements some achievements are easy to complete like 1250 trophies which will give you 450 gems easily. But some people find it’s really irritating because all these process are not that simple and easy because it consume precious time.
free gems
I found a simple way to buy clash of clan gems for free then you can to anything with those free gems in clash of clan. Gems are really useful to unlock builder as you know builder are the most important thing to unlock for upgrading defense, town hall, barracks, army camp and etc. the process of earning gems is really simple just follow the given instruction below and you will have thousands of gems in your clash of clan.

Free Gems For Clash of Clan

1. Download and install the application FreeMyApps
2. Now in this app you will find a sponsors tab where you will get few applications to install every application will give you some credits
Coc gems
3. later you can redeem those credit with Google play store gift card or iTunes gift card.
4. Then open your game and buy gems

Note: This process will only work if your doing it with your Android or iOS device.

Monday, 31 March 2014

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 in 5 Steps

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New Galaxy series member Samsung galaxy s5 just launched in Korea and XDA developer chainfire has launched his rooting tool to root newly released galaxy s5 model number SM-G900F. chainfire has done this many times with previous flagship smartphones. Now you can use those apps which requires rooting access. This rooting tool called CF-Auto-root it will install SuperSU app on your device which is required to give root access permission to other apps which works only with rooted devices.
root galaxy s5

Root Samsung Galaxy S5

Before starting you should check your device model number (go to Settings > About device > Model number) if its SM-G900F then only follow this tutorial otherwise it won't work or may brick your device.

Required files for download

5 Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with CF Auto Root

  1. Extract and open Ordin
  2. Click on PDA button and select CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar file. Don't do anything else
  3. CF root
  4. Now switch off your device and put on download mode by pressing and holding Volume down + Home + power keys together. When it ask to press a button to enter in download mode do that
  5. Connect your phone with computer 
  6. Now press Start in Ordin it will take few seconds disconnect when it complete.
Note : Rooting your device will increase flash counter and start Samsung’s KNOX warranty flag So your device warranty will be void 
Credit: XDA

How to Turn off Facebook Chat for Specific People

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Now seems like Facebook become a lifestyle for youngster mostly all school and college friends are on Facebook but there are many other friends on your Facebook chat list whom you don’t want to chat or just don’t want to appear online to them. The simple solution of this problem is just appear offline to them you just need to enter their name on “turn on chat for all expect.. ” option below you have the complete tutorial just follow it

Turn off Facebook chat for specific people

  1. First of all login to Facebook
  2. Click the option icon right below the friend list
  3. Go to Advanced Settings
  4. facebook option
  5. Now write the friends name whom you don't want to chat
  6. facebook chat option
  7. Now click Save that's it
Note: You can remove them from there if you change your mind in future. If you have huge friends list you can check the option "Turn on chat for only some friends" and enter your friends name whom you want to appear online and if you want to turn off chat complete just select that option and save 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

How to Read Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

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We usually love to keep good messages in our device but sometimes accidentally we delete them it is not to easily recovery them unless you have already turn on iCloud backup so you can restore it whenever you want. But mostly users not enable it and when iOS data gets delete they have less chances to get that data back because new data overlap that space but there are maximum chance of recovery if you as quickly as possible attempt to recover them with this tutorial.
recovery iphone

Read deleted text messages on iPhone

There are few software's to recover deleted iPhone text messages but i am going to show you a software which i have used and get success to recover iPhone deleted data easily. You don't need any third party software to recover iPhone data if you have already backup your iPhone device you can simply restore your iPhone device from iCloud.

For this tutorial you need to download:
iTunes Data Recovery and install it on your computer
Now follow the below backup and non backup method.

Recover deleted text message with iPhone backup

  1. Connect your iOS device with computer
  2. Open iTunes data recovery
  3. Now click on Recover Data from iTunes Backup file 
  4. Select your device and press Start Scan
  5. interface
  6. Now click message and then recover
  7. Now go to location where you have saved the recovered file

Recover deleted text message without iPhone backup

  1. Connect your iOS device with computer
  2. Open iTunes data recovery
  3. Click on Recover Data From iOS Device now click on Start Scan
  4. itunes recovery
  5. It will take few minutes to recovery your iOS device data. After recovery complete a message will popup "Scan completed Please select the files for recovery" click Ok
  6. Now click on Message and then recover
  7. That's it now open the recovered file from saved location
Note: you can recover many things from this software Call history, Contacts, Messages, SMS attachments, Notes, Safari, Calender, reminders, Voice memo, Camera Roll, Photo, Whatsapp messages etc

Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to unlock CDMA Modem / Dongle for all sim networks

Almost all internet data card are locked with one network you can’t use another network sim with it but in this tutorial you will learn to unlock your CDMA modem to use other network cards. I have already mentioned how you can unlock 3G dongle for any network but that tutorial was for only GSM SIM supported data cards. Many email and comments came to me for CDMA modems so I tried to solve this problem for CDMA modem users. It is already known that CDMA modem are difficult to unlock but in this tutorial I will try to make as simple as possible to learn for newbie you can simply follow the steps one by one so it will be very easy to unlock CDMA data card for other networks.
CDMA Dongles

Unlock CDMA Modem fro all Sim

  1. First of all download CDMA Workshop
  2. Connect your CDMA Modem
  3. Now click Windows key and type Device manger and open it and expand ports and see in which port your modem is.
  4. device manager
  5. Now run CDMA Workshop and select COM PORT in which your modem is connected Then click on Connect
  6. CDMA workshop port
  7. Now open Security tab you need to enter SPC value 000000 and click SPC button then send
  8. CDMA workshop security
  9. An information window will popup "SPC is correct. Phone unlocked" press OK
  10. Now open Other tab from R-UIM Config select R-UIM only then click Write
  11. CDMA Workshop other
  12. That’s it now you can use any network sim in your modem
Note: After unlocking your CDMA modem you can use any CDMA sim card because CDMA modem can support only CDMA sim card so don't expect you will use GSM sim after unlocking

Friday, 28 March 2014

How to make iphone read text message, webpage and notes

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IPhone and other iOS devices has a fantastic inbuilt feature thats is reading any text you know it as text to speech you can enable it and make your iPhone read text for you it can read any text or paragraph from text message, notes,  text files, eBooks, iBook and websites. You don’t need to read now if you feel to lazy so you can hear from your device you just have to enable this hidden option and enjoy hearing from your iPhone.

Make your iPhone Read texts

  • First of all go to settings
  • Now scroll down and tap on general
  • Then choice accessibility
  • From there you will see heading of vision under it you will see speak selection tap on it
  • Now turn it on
  • From there you have option of speaking rate slower and faster depend on you what you how would you like to hear
  • Now whenever you want your iphone to speak just highlight the text and you will see two option copy and speak just tap on speak that’s it.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone Dry it with Rice, Silica or Sunlight

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Every phone is not Sony Xperia Z which is a water proof device there are many times when our phone accidentally fall down on ground phone and get damaged if it’s dropped from above 4 feet height and floor is solid there  are more chances of screen and body damage depend on build quality of phone. But if phone fall down into water and water goes inside the phone then it can cause real damage to your phone electrical components there are many times when phone phone get wet by falling down into water and they lose their phone because of circuit damage.
wet phone
There are maximum chance of saving your phone by following few very simple steps and avoiding few things also one of the common thing people do they don’t switch off their phone when it’s get wet they should switch off their phone as quickly as possible one thing you should avoid never use a hair dryer to dry out your phone because it can harm your mobile screen and motherboard components. You can follow below steps to quickly save your phone from death.

Save Phone after getting wet

  1. Remove back cover and remove battery fast. If  you have a fixed back cover phone switch off your phone quickly
  2. Take out Sim and SD card from your phone
  3. This step only do if you can otherwise avoid it. Dissemble your phone and separate all the part. (Optional Step)
  4. Now put your phone, battery and other parts under the sun light so it will dry out with in 20 to 30 minutes. Your phone will dry out fast if you follow 3rd steps and dry out each part of your phone under the sun light.
  5. Follow this step if sunlight isn't there. Put your phone inside the dry rice or use silica packet if you have otherwise rice will work
  6. When it dry out completely reassemble the parts and switch on your phone it will work like before.
Note: Avoiding using Hair dryer or Oven. I personally tried the 4th step and saved my phone but many online tutorial suggest to put phone inside the dry rice or silica packets i never got any chance to try these method.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How to Make Special Effects Video on Android & IOS Devices

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you might have seen many special effects on youtube videos and you wish to make such kinds of special effect videos you can actually make on computer with the help of softwares but it’s not that easy to learn softwares like After Effect or Sony Vegas both are video editing software which allows you to add special effect on any kind of video on Computer. These software’s need a lot of knowledge to work with them so on computer adding special effect on a video not that easy it takes months of experience to work with these things.
But on android or IOS devices you can do way easier then you have ever imagine you don’t need any type of video editing experience you just you need to “Download FX Effect” on your mobile device. It’s a special effect application which allows you to make special effect videos it has many special effects which you can use to impress your friends. It’s a paid app but they provide 1 daily new effects for a day use only and one default effect which you can use any time but other effects are paid you have to buy them to use those effects. You can purchase them or wait for the lucky day when they provide the effect you want free for a day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Capture Android Screen On PC [No Rooting]

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Mostly all latest Android devices has bigger screen but still when we want to show something from our device to few family member we would like to use bigger screen so this is why I have simple procedure for non-rooted users to see their android screen on their computer screen. Rooted android users can easily stream live screen of their android device but when it’s come to non-rooted users they find it harder but I have found a very simple way to display android on your desktop.
android screen on pc

How to Capture Android Screen On PC [No Rooting]

1.First of all make sure your computer has Java Runtime Environment installed you can check by pressing windows key then type java.exe if its appears then you dont need to install it but if its not appearing then you have to download from official java download site and install in your pc.
2. Device driver should be installed on your pc.
3. Make sure you have checked the USB debugging option in your device.

Procedure step by step
  • Now download androidscreen.rar
  • Extract the rar file
  • There are 2 folder inside the rar file ADB Tool and DroidAtScreen
  • Open the DroidAtScreen folder and double click on droidAtScreen-1.0.1.jar file
  • jar file
  • Click on ADB then click on ADB Executable Path
  • adb excutable
  • Now navigate to ADB Tool folder and select the adb.exe file
  • adb.exe
  • Now connect your device and you will see the image on computer screen
Note: Its will show you images of your device not live streaming its still a beta version so in future updates you might see live streaming

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to Completely Remove/Delete WiFi Network From Windows 8.1

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Now wireless networks always around us, you see even in your home when you turn on your WiFi in your device you may find many wireless connection which you don’t even know. If your device has wireless connection password then whenever your device will come in its range it will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. You may find a time when you want to remove your device from that wireless connection it is simple for your device you can just forgot the wireless connection from your device and thats it from your device side.

Read more: Who is using your wireless connection?
windows wifi But it’s not that easy to remove Wi-Fi profile from your windows 8.1 system if you don’t know the commands because windows 8.1 doesn’t have a feature to remove Wi-Fi network profile. You can do it manually by using command prompt and regedt32.exe to remove the Wi-Fi profile completely from your windows 8.1. You can just follow the below steps to remove your wireless profile completely.

How to Completely Delete WiFi profile Windows 8.1

  1. open command prompt
  2. Enter the command to see the list of network profiles you have on your pc.
  3. netsh wlan show profiles
  4. Now enter the command line below with your profile name. For example the profile name is "D-Link" replace it as your profile name
  5. netsh wlan delete profile name="Your Profile name"
  6. So now your profile deleted from interface but it’s still in your system for deleting it completely press Windows key + R
  7. Run window will pop up write Regedt32.exe and press ok
  8. regedit
  9. Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles
  10. There you will see few files you have to find yourself your profile name there and delete the profile from it
  11. wifi profile
  12. That's it you have successfully deleted your wireless profile from your computer.


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