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The Lowest specification you need to run GTA 5

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Today is the day guy’s the most awaited game is ready to release it had been already released for Xbox 360 and PS3 users way before windows users. They are waiting for almost 1 year for this day to come.  Everyone knows it’s the oldest free roaming game series since 90s and the series continues getting more and more popularity as new generation coming.
low end spec
This game has very high detailing and high graphics so you know you need heavy gaming pc to run this game in full 4K resolution at 60fps even on 1080P you need a decent gaming pc. Official specification is released so you can check what you need to at least run this game but because I am also exiting about this game so I couldn’t seat back. I thought to write this post for our gaming friends I am sure every pc users like to play GTA 5 so this post is only for dedicated to them.

5 thing you need to run GTA 5 

The Official specification demands decent gaming computer but most of us who has low end gaming computer also can run this game as I think. because when GTA 4 release there was a rumor only heavy gaming pc can run this game but after some patches and tweak a Pentium 4 also ran GTA 4 at playable fps with low end graphic card. I am not saying this game can be run by a Pentium 4 pc but I think a faster core 2 duo can run this game so I will highlight those specs.
  1. PROCESSOR: The Processor should be 64 bit supported because you will need a 64 bit operating system to run this game.
    Dual core users has a tight chance to run this game without overlocking you have to overclock it to maximum at least a overclock Pentium Dual-Core E5200 to E6500 and if your amd user then Phenom II X2 545. it is better if you overclock it to maximum what you can get from it for better performance.  
    Now for Core 2 Duo users you need at least overclocked Core™ 2 Duo E6850 to E7600 still nothing below overclock get maximum overclocking with decent cooler.

  2. GRAPHIC CARD: It’s a very high graphic game which can run 1080p to 4K resolution for that you need extremely fast GPU but for just running and playing this game at lowest setting as possible you need at least GT 610 2GB graphic card with some tweaks. It’s a big game so you need more core GPU and at least 1GB graphic card if it is has faster processing rate.

  3. RAM:  The officials say you need at least 4 GB and I also agree to them because its a big game and lot of things will run in background but there is a very narrow chances if any patch come soon or any trick like fps booster which can help you to run this game with 3 GB Ram.

  4. HARD DISK:  This game has the biggest map of all time and many character, building, mountains, people, Car and bikes. It is the biggest size game in the history of pc gaming 65 GB. So you need at least 65 GB free to just install this game you can’t go below that just make sure you have enough diskspace free.

  5. Latest Drivers: Just for this game some graphic card site uploaded some latest updates for your graphic card driver just make sure you keep up to date your pc drivers.
Note: Make sure you keep check this site for latest tweaks for GTA 5 because many new tweak will come to run this game on low end gaming pc and rockstar will also release some patch like gta 4 to provide better gameplay. Many times we seen that official specs are not true always your low end pc can also run games which can’t run in officials eye so there is very good chance of running gta 5 with these specs. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to Get Unlimited Troops in Clash Of Clans

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Many people ask this question how they can attack with unlimited troops in clash of clans like many clash of clans developer videos on YouTube. It was not possible last year but now it’s pretty much possible for root and jailbreak iPhone users they can do most of the trick they want to do in clash of clan like attack offline on War base or any friend base.
Unlimited coc
The procedure is very simple hope you have used cheat engine on PC games to increase health, bullets and money. The same thing we will follow in this trick we just need our device should be rooted/jailbreak and two third party apps let’s do it in step by step so it will be easy to understand.

1. Rooted / jailbreak device
2. Install the app called XmodGames
3. Install another app called Game killer
4. You should have train at least 3 Troops which you want to use for unlimited troops attack.

Steps to attack with unlimited troops in CoC

  • Now open XmodGames
  • Then Install the mod for Clash of clans in XmodGames (if you have already install the mod skip this step).
  • Now launch the game from XmodGames
  • Xmodgames
  • When your village load click the (X) icon
  • Turn ON Sandbox Attack 
  • xmodgames open
  • Now minimize the game and open Gamekiller
  • open xmodgames
  • Now maximize the game now you will see another icon of Gamekiller
  • launch coc with xmodgames
  • Now Visit any base where you want to attack with unlimited troops
  • visit base
  • You will see the base on attack mode now click on Gamekiller icon and type the amount of troops you have (in my case I have 12 giants) and hit search.
  • coc giants unlimited giants
  • Select DWORD and comeback to game.
  • gamekiller dword
  • Now decrease the amount of troop by drooping one and then again click on GameKiller and type the number of troops (for example now i have 11 giants so I will type 11).
  • gamekiller type
  • Once again you have to repeat this process by drooping troop one more time and type the amount troops you have (like i have now 10 giants so i type 10)
  • gamekiller type
  • Finally now we can see less results to deal with (you can repeat same process one more time to filter more result and get less result to work on if you have not get less result) it is the amount address of this troop. Click on last one and change the value to anything you want like 1000 to 1000000.
  • unlimited gamekiller troops
  • That's it now you have unlimited troops for your attack.
  • unlimited coc troops
For first time it might take 2 minutes to do these steps for you because you’re learning but after you get the idea how it works you can do it in 10 seconds and you have 2.90 minutes to enjoy the attack with unlimited troops. I really tried to make it as simple as I can but if you have any problem you can comment below and I will solve your problems.

Note: Let me clear few things these kind of attack will not be count and will not affect your game but you can have some fun attacking top bases, war bases or friend's bases on clash of clan and capture the video/screen for fun. After the attack finish game will close and you have to restart again and if you want to attack again you can follow the same procedure you can apply this trick on any troops or spell just make sure you make it at least 3 to perform 3 searching steps.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Attack Offline in clash of clans war or friends base

After long time i am writing again a new trick to attack offline clash of clan with this trick you can attack your friend base, revenge base, goblins map and most important one in clan wars. You can attack unlimited times in clan wars without wasting your actual attack so you can practice and get perfect 3 Star for your clan. You can make your strategy and decide what troops, spells you need and how to deploy them to get 3 star.
coc offline
I have also written an old method which doesn’t work now because supercell updated the game according to pings so if game doesn't get any ping it just stop the game and ask for connection. But don’t worry now you can use an advance and easy method I knew it since 2 3 months but I was busy so i didn't post this trick. But after getting some email about old method I decide to write again let’s learn another way to attack offline.

How to attack offline in clash of clans 

1. Download and Install the app called Xmodgames
2. Open Xmodgames
3. It will show installed games of your device.
4. Click on Clash of Clans (Don't click launch)
5. Now tap on Install Mod.
6. After Mod Installed click the Launch option.
7.Now you will see a X icon on the screen click that icon (if you don’t see quit the game and again launch the game with xmodgames.)
8. Now few options will appear just turn on the Sandbox Attack.
9. Thats it now whenever you visit someone base or scout war bases you will see your ready troops to drop.
Note: You need a rooted device. After offline attack complete game will crash and you have to start again

Monday, 13 October 2014

LG G3 Stylus Dual Sim Review and Specification

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LG has launched a new version of LG G3 with Stylus in India which is LG G3 Stylus Dual Sim it is pen enabled handset with 5.5 inch display users can draw and control the device with stylus. It has dual sim and NFC capability it is optimized for 3G the device price is around 18k to 20k depend on the seller. It has 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat..

LG G3 Stylus dual sim

Unboxing of LG G3 Stylus Dual
Important Features:
- 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor Cortex-A7
- Mediatek MT6582 chipset
- Android 4.4.2
- Mali-400MP2 GPU
- 1 GB Ram
- Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery

- 5.5 inches with 540 X 960 pixels resolution
- IPS Screen with 16M colors with multi touch

- 1 GB RAM
- 8 GB Internal memory
- 32 GB external memory 

- 13 mega pixel rear camera with auto focus
- Front facing 1.3 mega pixel camera
- Face detection, Geo tagging and touch to focus
- 1080p HD video recording 
- Flash light

- Maximum downloading speed 21MBPs and Uploading speed 5.76 MBPs
- 3G and 2G Sim slot
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with Wi-Fi hotspot support
- Bluetooth v4.0
- GPRs and Edge

Other Features:
- Accelerometer, proximity, compass
- Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS
- Black, Gold, white color

Monday, 29 September 2014

Top 5 Brightness Dimmer App For Android

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Android users has one big problem that’s brightness of the device, No matter what device you have if you have android you might be facing high brightness light even if it’s on lowest level. Especially in night I know in daylight high brightness level is good to see clear picture but in night you want less brightness because you don’t want pain in your eyes next day cause of high brightness.
Android brightness dimmer
We know there are many apps to low down your android brightness but it’s using default brightness setting which is not going to low below its limit so what you can do you can select any apps from my giving list below all of these app design to dim your android brightness.
Night Mode1. Night Mode
It is the no 1 app for lowering your phone or tablet brightness. It has a schedule feature in which you can set starting time and ending time of the app (for example 8pm to 6 am) it will automatically start at that fixed time. you can save your phone battery also by disabling buttons back light.
Screen Filter2. Screen Filter
Though Screen Filter don’t has features like night mode but it does the same work like other brightness dimmer app. it is very simple and small 91kb app with very simple dragging control of decrease and increase brightness.
Brightness Dimmer3. Brightness Dimmer
It’s a new app just released in June 2014 it’s also very simple app like screen filter but with one extra feature of  RGB coloring you can mix adjust them for changing dimming color your android screen brightness other app doesn't give this option that’s why It came onto third position.
Brightness Controller/Dimmer4. Brightness Controller/Dimmer
Its same like also free app and newly released app its does same job like others but it’s not popular on google play store but as it work same like other it can decrease increase your android brightness it can dim brightness of your device so it got fourth place in this list.
 Lux Auto Brightness5. Lux Auto Brightness
There are two version of Lux app full version which is paid version and lite version which is free to install. It’s an automatic brightness setter app it can automatically brightness for you. This app has many feature and profile modes you can just select night, day, afternoon, evening profiles but it’s good for auto use you can try lite version if you like then you can buy paid version.

Note: some device display can turn black if you drag the brightness level to below its limit so be careful don’t make it too low. Otherwise you have to Restart your handset.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

How to attack offline in clash of clans wars

Update:- These method doesn't work after the christmas update check out the latest working trick to attack offline in clash of clans wars

Clash of clans one of the best strategy game we ever had in android and IOS platform it became more interesting after the clan war feature. Every clan want to win every clan war because of lot of bonus, Achievements and higher won counts gives good reputation to a clan. It’s a team game so everyone has to play well and win 3 star from a single attack which is not that easy sometimes especially when we get tougher enemy. Everybody know if we did an attack and it fail to get 2/3 stars no one can’t revert it. But there is a trick to do a practice before doing your actual attack for 3 stars. You can apply this trick in clan war and revenge attack.
clash of clan offline
You can call it test attack it will give you an idea how you can get maximum star from a base and what will be your strategy which troop will be ideal to use and spells etc. many player use this trick to improve their strategy over a tough enemy base. There are few types of coc player wifi modem user, wifi hotspot user, mobile data plan users I tried with wifi modem and wifi hotspot but procedure is same so it will work for mobile data plan users also.

 Wifi modem users:-

  • Start your game
  • Select the base you want to attack
  • Click attack but don’t drop any troop
  • Now just remove ADSL cable from your wifi modem
  • There you go now you can attack offline and drop your troop for a practice attack.

Wi-Fi hotspot users:-

In this case people use 2 phones. On first phone they create Wi-Fi hotspot and in another phone they connect it with Wi-Fi and play clash of clan.
  • Start your game.
  • Select the base you want to attack.
  • Click attack but don’t drop any troop.
  • Now from first phone just disable the data connection but not the wifi hotspot.
  • That’s it now you can attack offline.

Data plan users:-

  • Start your game.
  • Select the base you want to attack.
  • Click attack but don’t drop any troop.
  • Now minimize the game and open notification bar and turn off your data connection.
Note: basically the method is same for all you have to just disconnect your phone from internet while you're in those 30 seconds in which you can end the battle. by that you will disconnect from internet and coc servers so it will not record your any movements and you are free to attack offline. you can repeat this until you're ready for your actual attack.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

How to get free clash of clans gems simple trick

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In clash of clan we all know how hard is to get gems if we are not buying them there are few way to earn gems in game by removing obstacle like tree, bush, truck & gems box. We all know those obstacle come back day after a day so we can get few gems sometime with it. Another way is completing achievements some achievements are easy to complete like 1250 trophies which will give you 450 gems easily. But some people find it’s really irritating because all these process are not that simple and easy because it consume precious time.
free gems
I found a simple way to buy clash of clan gems for free then you can to anything with those free gems in clash of clan. Gems are really useful to unlock builder as you know builder are the most important thing to unlock for upgrading defense, town hall, barracks, army camp and etc. the process of earning gems is really simple just follow the given instruction below and you will have thousands of gems in your clash of clan.

Free Gems For Clash of Clan

1. Download and install the application FreeMyApps
2. Now in this app you will find a sponsors tab where you will get few applications to install every application will give you some credits
Coc gems
3. later you can redeem those credit with Google play store gift card or iTunes gift card.
4. Then open your game and buy gems

Note: This process will only work if your doing it with your Android or iOS device.

Monday, 31 March 2014

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 in 5 Steps

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New Galaxy series member Samsung galaxy s5 just launched in Korea and XDA developer chainfire has launched his rooting tool to root newly released galaxy s5 model number SM-G900F. chainfire has done this many times with previous flagship smartphones. Now you can use those apps which requires rooting access. This rooting tool called CF-Auto-root it will install SuperSU app on your device which is required to give root access permission to other apps which works only with rooted devices.
root galaxy s5

Root Samsung Galaxy S5

Before starting you should check your device model number (go to Settings > About device > Model number) if its SM-G900F then only follow this tutorial otherwise it won't work or may brick your device.

Required files for download

5 Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with CF Auto Root

  1. Extract CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.zip and open Ordin
  2. Click on PDA button and select CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar file. Don't do anything else
  3. CF root
  4. Now switch off your device and put on download mode by pressing and holding Volume down + Home + power keys together. When it ask to press a button to enter in download mode do that
  5. Connect your phone with computer 
  6. Now press Start in Ordin it will take few seconds disconnect when it complete.
Note : Rooting your device will increase flash counter and start Samsung’s KNOX warranty flag So your device warranty will be void 
Credit: XDA

How to Turn off Facebook Chat for Specific People

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Now seems like Facebook become a lifestyle for youngster mostly all school and college friends are on Facebook but there are many other friends on your Facebook chat list whom you don’t want to chat or just don’t want to appear online to them. The simple solution of this problem is just appear offline to them you just need to enter their name on “turn on chat for all expect.. ” option below you have the complete tutorial just follow it

Turn off Facebook chat for specific people

  1. First of all login to Facebook
  2. Click the option icon right below the friend list
  3. Go to Advanced Settings
  4. facebook option
  5. Now write the friends name whom you don't want to chat
  6. facebook chat option
  7. Now click Save that's it
Note: You can remove them from there if you change your mind in future. If you have huge friends list you can check the option "Turn on chat for only some friends" and enter your friends name whom you want to appear online and if you want to turn off chat complete just select that option and save 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

How to Read Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

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We usually love to keep good messages in our device but sometimes accidentally we delete them it is not to easily recovery them unless you have already turn on iCloud backup so you can restore it whenever you want. But mostly users not enable it and when iOS data gets delete they have less chances to get that data back because new data overlap that space but there are maximum chance of recovery if you as quickly as possible attempt to recover them with this tutorial.
recovery iphone

Read deleted text messages on iPhone

There are few software's to recover deleted iPhone text messages but i am going to show you a software which i have used and get success to recover iPhone deleted data easily. You don't need any third party software to recover iPhone data if you have already backup your iPhone device you can simply restore your iPhone device from iCloud.

For this tutorial you need to download:
iTunes Data Recovery and install it on your computer
Now follow the below backup and non backup method.

Recover deleted text message with iPhone backup

  1. Connect your iOS device with computer
  2. Open iTunes data recovery
  3. Now click on Recover Data from iTunes Backup file 
  4. Select your device and press Start Scan
  5. interface
  6. Now click message and then recover
  7. Now go to location where you have saved the recovered file

Recover deleted text message without iPhone backup

  1. Connect your iOS device with computer
  2. Open iTunes data recovery
  3. Click on Recover Data From iOS Device now click on Start Scan
  4. itunes recovery
  5. It will take few minutes to recovery your iOS device data. After recovery complete a message will popup "Scan completed Please select the files for recovery" click Ok
  6. Now click on Message and then recover
  7. That's it now open the recovered file from saved location
Note: you can recover many things from this software Call history, Contacts, Messages, SMS attachments, Notes, Safari, Calender, reminders, Voice memo, Camera Roll, Photo, Whatsapp messages etc


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