Thursday, January 28, 2016

Best Motorcycle Engine Sound Simulator Apps for Android

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Sports bikes are fantasy of every young boy the engine and exhaust sound of the bike makes it different from all ordinary motorcycle we rarely hear the sound of sport bikes on the road, So I try to find a simulator for computer to simulate motorcycle engine sound while throttling with keyboard i didn’t find for computer but found few apps for mobile devices. It’s always a good idea to simulate things which we can’t afford in real life for present time.
motorcycle engine sound
Right now sports bikes are really expensive and people rarely take them out on road. We all want to drive those bike on roads but can’t afford the price some people try to modify their bike silencer/exhaust to create those type of sound but mostly it won’t match because of weak engine of the bike.
But with these simulators we can still hear those expensive bikes engine sound while control the throttle and gear shifting on your hands with android device. There are few apps on Google store but not all are up to the mark we tried to make top 5 list but we couldn’t find good apps still they need to improve to reach the top 5, although we found 3 apps which allow you to feel the motorcycle engine sound and throttling on your device just put earphone in your ear and run these app and enjoy. I know only bike lover will like this post and personally I also love these bikes and tried these app to see different type of bikes sounds.

Top 3 Motorcycle Engine Sound Simulator for android

There are more than 10 apps on Google play but some are not even worth to add on top 5 so we have decided to place only 3 apps which can satisfy your ears if you have good earphone or sound system so lest not wait and enjoy controlling the best engines on your android device.

1. RevHeadz Engine Sounds

RevHeadz Engine Sounds RevHeadz Engine Sounds is one of the best app for listening sports bike or car exhaust and engine sound and controlling acceleration and gears of any bike of your choice in this app. You have real engine sound with speedometer, tachometer, accelerator, brake, engine load, gear-shifts and backfire logic etc. there are plenty of options for you to select from modern car to classis car and sports bike to off-road bikes and cars. It support android 4.0 to above.
RevHeadz Engine Sounds

2. Moto

Moto sound simulatorMoto is the most downloaded bike exhaust sound simulator app on Google play store it’s allow you to accelerate and decelerate the bike with a realistic motorcycle throttle on your device screen you can tilt your android phone or control the throttle with your fingers. You can enable disable vibration and change background color and few more things. More than 1,34,000 people have downloaded this app.

3. Motorbike Sounds Pro

Motorbike Sounds Pro Motorbike Sounds Pro is a new motorbike sound simulator but it’s a wroth to try there are many bikes in this app with real engine sounds and photos and most important thing is all motorcycle are totally free. This is realistic front handlebar of the bike, the best thing about this app it’s also work with android 2.3 so old version mobile also can use this app.
Motorbike Sounds Pro

Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Enable right click, Ctrl key disabled website (Bypass trick)

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Many times we open some sites where right click and Ctrl key is blocked or disable to use so you can’t use those keys and cant copy any text or image even if those text are dialogs of any movie and those images are available for public but those site has that function for all pages so they also can’t help you because once that code is applied in the site template it will work for all pages.
There are few ways to copy those text or save blocked images but I will tell you the simplest way which you can use for any browser the Technic is same for all browser even if you use chrome, Firefox or internet explorer. What you have to do is just disable the JavaScript of our browser and reload that page where you want to copy.
Note: make sure you are not coping any copyright material it will be crime if you do so. So make sure you copy the texts and save those block image if those are free although still you can’t use them for commercial use, just use them for personal use.

how to enable Right click & Ctrl key on Disabled site 

Although the process is same for all browser you just have to disable the JavaScript but I will show you two popular browsers steps of disabling JavaScript.

  1. Open new tab and write About:config
  2. You will see a Warning message “This might void your warranty!” ignore this message and hit enter.
  3. In the search bar type javascript.enabled
  4. Now double click on the result it will just change the value true to false which will disable the JavaScript of Firefox browser.
  5. Same process you can do to enable it back.
  1. Open new tab and type chrome://settings/ and hit enter.
  2. Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings...
  3. Under privacy click on Content Settings
  4. You will see the javaScript option you can disable for all website or you can just click on Manage exception and add those site where you want to disallow the javaScript.
So that’s it you can use the same process for other browsers too if you find it difficult just comment below and we will solve your problem.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How To Get Free Internet at Home desktop, Laptop or Android

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Today I have an amazing trick for you guys before trying I was also had a draught on this trick but after successfully applied it on my mobile network I got free internet without any limitation. I am using it since 10 days and I must say I don’t have any internet speed problem. It’s a good speed 100kb to 1.5 mbp/s sometime more depends on timing when your using it, at daytime you might get less speed but in night when most of the consumer sleep speed increase rapidly.
free internet android
Anyway we are not here to talk about speed even if you get 30kb speed it’s enough at least you’re getting it for free what you need more. I have tried it on 3 different network and trick works very well sorry but I won’t disclose the name just to make it private. But you can email me privately then I can tell you which 3 network I used for this trick but as I research the internet I think this trick works for all mobile 3G network you just have to give it a try. Mostly all mobile 3G network has some loophole from where you can get free internet. Do whatever I written below for successfully getting free internet with this trick.

How To Get Free Internet 

This trick will work for home, outdoor, mobile, desktop or laptop. What you need is just a mobile for putting a sim which can give you free internet if you want internet on your desktop just follow the post in which I shown you how to use mobile internet on desktop computer.

  1. Rooted android device.
  2. The Lowest balance possible (ex: 0.1 or zero) 
  3. 20 to 25 mb data for downloading an aap
  4. Download DroidVPN
Follow the Instructions:-
  1. Open DroidVPN
  2. Open its settings and Configure your account if don't have account Register for new account else just login with your account.
  3. droidvpn
  4. Now Select UDP from Connection Protocol.
  5. free internet
  6. Now Port Settings and Set UDP Port then type 1993 and press Ok.
  7. free 3G
  8. That's it now restart the app and select any Free Server and Connect to it.
  9. Open any browser and start browsing and enjoy free internet on any sim network.
Note: This trick working in October 2015 hope it will keep working but if it stop working i will find new and share with you people you can email me new tricks if you know so we can share with our other internet brothers. i will keep update you with new settings if this setting stop working. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to jailbreak your IOS 9 device using pangu tool

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Hello guys I am back again with a new tutorial how to jailbreak iOS 9 with pangu. I am using iphone 6s running iOs 9.02 in this device and I will show you how to use pangu tool to jailbreak your device. You can do many things with your device you jailbreak you change the whole look of your device theme, you can change your notification menu and add your choice apps. What I mean you will get the full control of your device.
Before you do anything make sure you backup your device data. I have already written a post on this topic how to backup your iOS device data So you don’t need to find it around. Before we move forward Make sure you turn off find my iPhone either sign out iCloud completely and also make sure your touch id & passcode disabled, one more thing enable the airplane mode. Once you do all of these things now it’s the time to download pangu tool.

Read more:- How to Restore your IOS device

How to Jailbreak your IOS 9 device

Before you do anything complete these steps.
  • Sign out from icloud
  • Disable touch id & passcode
  • Enable airplane mode
  • Download pangu tool and install on your pc.
  1. Connect your device with pc
  2. Run the pangu  tool
  3. Now click start button
  4. Now click already backed up
  5. Then click start for jailbreaking
  6. Be patience and do as pangu tool instruct you to do.
  7. It will ask you to unlock your device and start pangu app etc
  8. After completing 100% your device is jail broken
  9. That’s it enjoy jail broken iPhone.
Note: Your device will start few times dont worry just follow the steps and pangu tool will also instruct you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Type in Hindi in Whatsapp, Facebook, weChat or any other app

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Millions of Indian user’s daily use WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, kik in Hindi font and you wonder how they do it because there is no option in android phone to set default language to Hindi. Like I earlier taught you how to use Hindi font in pc same procedure we will use but with android google input app. actually you can use any language with these step but you just have to select right language keyboard app for Hindi you have to use google input because it’s perfect for Hindi users.
hindi android
You don’t need to deal with Hindi keyboard. Keyboard will be English only but the google input tool automatically transform English font Hindi word into Hindi font you also don’t need internet to use this app yes you need for first time for downloading Follow the steps below for complete step by step guide.

Type in Hindi in  any Android Apps

  • Download google Hindi input
  • When it install go to Settings>>Language & input.
  • There you will see Google Hindi input make sure it's check.
  • Now click on Default and choose input method Google Hindi input (Hinglish & Hindi) 
  • google input setting
  • Now whenever you type you will see Google input keyboard and when you want to type in Hindi font just press the button a>अ also shown in image below.
  • hindi input keyboard
  • Thats it now you can type in hindi

Additional Settings of Google Hindi input

Go to Settings>>Language & input. Click the settings icon settings on Google Hindi input.
  1. Input: you can check/unchecked auto spelling correction for Hindi and English typing.
  2. Keyboard: you can select keyboard type, keyboard theme, sound on keypress and volume of keypress. Keyboard height according to your screen size etc.
  3. Handwriting: it’s for setting your handwriting speed and handwriting stroke width you can set as you want.
  4. Others: it’s just optional if you want to suggestions or help to improve this app you can use this option also.
If you face any kind of problem you can comment below we will provide the solution of your problems.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Get Free Recharge in Android 2015

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There is a very simple way to recharge your android phone sim network for calling and SMS. If you have internet or Wi-Fi in your android phone you can earn free recharge for any network sim card just you need to download a App called Ladooo there are many apps for free recharge. I have also written a post about top 10 free recharging apps which gives you free recharge just after you download it and if you want more money you can complete there offers.
There are plenty of offers available like download some game or download some apps every app has different amount of recharge. You can also earn by your refer your friends and that will also give you free recharge and when they refer their friends with their even then you will get some amount of recharge. So let’s not waste time and come to the point and start earning free recharge just follow my instruction below.

Earn Free Recharge For Any Sim Network

  • Download Ladooo App on your android phone.
  • Open the app and verify your mobile number.
  • You will receive a SMS and your number will be verified automatically

How You Can Get Free Recharge With This App

There are plenty of ways in this app. They will give you some offers when you will complete any offer you will receive some money. There are many types of offers some known offers listed are below.
  • Install an app and use for 30 sec.
  • Watching videos.
  • Register on a site.
  • Clicking on ads.
  • Refer a friend and when your friend install 4 apps you will receive 100 Rs.
  • They will also give some competitions. Like one competition going on top 100 users will get 500 Rs and one power bank.
Note: You can also recharge your Dish tv with this App

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer

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Someone or you accidentally deleted your favorite movies, videos, images or any important file from your android device and now you’re angry that you have to download again or you can’t get it back because you don’t have any backup. Well you still have a backup which is known as data recovery which is just design for this situation. There are many software’s available to get back your important files few years earlier you can only recover your deleted file from computer but now there are many apps available to recover deleted files.
Whenever your file deletes you should always make sure you don’t write those replaceable sectors from your phone storage or SD card. Let me explain you when you delete a file the file is actually there it just disappear from mobile or SD card and allow other files to replace those sector which you made replaceable by deleting file. Now whenever you copy new files there are more chances of losing your previous deleted file forever So make sure never copy any file specially big size file like 50 Mb or more if you want to recover your file.
The best method is to recover your files by computer but if you’re out of town +and without laptop you have to try recovering by mobile itself. So let me show you how you can do it just follow the instruction.

Recover your deleted file with android

  1. Download GT Data Recovery from google App store.
  2. Open the app and select the type of file you want to delete.

  3. files
  4. Now press Start new scan.

  5. scan
  6. After scanning finish you will see multiple files just select those file you want to recover and click recover.
  7. recover
  8. That will be it you will recover your file

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to Use Emoji With Android Wear Watch

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Who don’t use emoji in their smartphones to express emotions if you use it with your mobile devices then you should use it with your android wear watch also. You can draw emoji emotions in your android watch it will match the available emotion it will appear automatically and if it didn’t match it will give you some list of emoji for selecting and use it without drawing the emotion you can select from displayed list. You will see this option when you type a message or reply to a message.
android wear emoji
You will get the smile faces, thumbs up and flowers and many more emoji to use. If you don’t see emoji option in your android watch just see if there is upgrade available for your watch if it is available then you should upgrade to latest version.
If you want to delete emoji just touch the emoji from the top of the screen and press delete button.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Connect Android Wear Watch to Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi is faster and better than Bluetooth for sharing internet and files.  If you’re android wear watch has the capability of Wi-Fi you should use with your mobile device. There are many benefits of connect with your phone Wi-Fi you can see your notifications and search with your voice and many more things. This procedure is not that much easy you need to see the procedure before connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Useful link: Pair Android Wear with Android Smartphone
Android wear
  You need to see these steps below for correctly use this feature we tried to show you with easiest steps possible there is a video tutorial also involve in this so you can do it easily.

Connect Android Wear Watch To Wi-Fi

  • First of all you need an Android Wear App on your device.
  • Open Android Wear.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Cloud Sync and turn it ON.
  • Now touch the android watch screen.
  • Swipe down and swipe to left side and go to Settings.
  • Now go to Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Set Wi-Fi to Automatic.
  • Now select your available Wi-Fi network.
Note: It will automatically connect to known network if your Bluetooth is off. You can’t connect Wi-Fi that redirect you any page. Not all watches can connect to Wi-Fi they should have the Wi-Fi capabilities.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Pair Android Wear Watch and Any Android device

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If you have android wear watch you should pair it with your android smartphone or tablet to enjoy the best of its feature. We all know it’s not just a watch it’s a smart watch so you should expend its feature by making pair with your smartphone or tablet. You can pair multiple android watches with your android device. When you pair your device with it you can take a quick look on the notifications which you get on your phone. You don’t need to take out your phone just to see notification you just need to see your wrist and android wear watch all information will be on your wrist.
Although you can connect multiple android watches with your single android device but you can’t connect multiple devices with your single android wear so let’s get started.

Pair Android Wear watch with Android Devices

  • Turn on your Android Wear and make sure its near to your smartphone.
  • Now connect your watch to Power source.
  • Download Android Wear App on your android device. If this link doesn't work just type "Android Wear" on google app store and download the app.
  • After installing it successfully you may see you need to update some google apps just do it.
  • Now open the android wear app.
  • In the App you will see your wrist watch name to pair.
  • Just click on it you will see pair code on your mobile and watch just make sure it match.
  • Now click pair on mobile and watch that's it.
  • Confirmation can take few minutes.

Watch the video for step by step procedure

Note: Your smartphone should be android version 4.3 or above. make sure Bluetooth is ON on your android phone. After pairing you can setup notifications on your android phone or tablet