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How To Connect Internet On Pc From Android Phone

Pc in home without internet always seems like a car without 4 wheels. When I bought a pc I didn’t have money to subscribe for pc internet. But I had a Symbian mobile phone with GPRs in it. So I connected it to my pc and started sharing my phone net on pc. I am talking about 2005 when I had a Nokia 6600. Now its 2013 and we have 20 times powerful phones in our hand with many features. But still some people don’t have internet on pc they all have their own are reasons.
android internet on pc
Android phones are very popular in mobile market and mostly we all have one android phone in our house. These phones have many features. These features enough to share our mobile internet to pc with different ways and we also can do opposite of it sharing pc internet on android phone. There are three different ways to share mobile internet on PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. i am going to explain to you Wi-Fi and USB methods only because bluetooth method published on different post.

How To Share Android Mobile Internet On Pc

You don’t need any third party software for it. What you need is internet on your android phone and your phone should have Wi-Fi hotspot. If your choosing USB tethering method than of course! you need a USB Cable. I will teach you easiest ways via USB and Wi-Fi.

USB Tethering

If you are a Windows XP user download tetherxp.inf
  • Connect your mobile with Pc via USB cable
  • Do not mount your SD card
  • Go to Settings >> Wireless & networks >> Tethering & portable hotspot
  • Now tick USB Tethering
  • USB Tethering
  • Finish for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users!! they can start suffering internet. Only XP user continue
  • A new hardware wizard will pop up just click NO and Not at this time and select Next.
  • Now let XP finish installing Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS and click Finish. Now enjoy internet on PC

Wi-Fi HotSpot

Your PC/laptop should have Wi-Fi card or Wi-Fi adapter or Wi-Fi router to connect with other wifi device and use their internet. I have already taught sharing PC internet via wifi without any wifi router so you should know what to do if you have read it.
  • Go to Settings >> Wireless & networks >> Tethering & portable hotspot
  • Check on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Now click on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings
  • Write any name you want in Network SSID
  • Click on Security option and select WPA2
  • Enter Password for your connection and click save
  • Wi-Fi Tethering
  • Now Turn on PC wifi and search for hotspot connection you have created
  • Select the network and enter password enjoy internet on pc
Hope you like these two Wi-Fi and USB tethering shared methods. I have explained you these two methods briefly if you get any problem you know what to do just ask via comment box below.  You can also check third method as well. This third method will allow you to sharing android internet via Bluetooth on computer/laptop. You can check it if you think above two methods didn’t work for you and even if these two methods working there is nothing wrong in to learn third ways to share android internet.

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  1. Just buy an HTC, it's intergrated

  2. am a windows 7 user, its not working 4 me... wat i hv 2 do

    1. which method r u trying? its very simple to connect android internet on windows 7 pc. just connect your mobile with pc via usb. now go to your mobile settings and start usb tethering. it will take 2 minutes to connect net in your pc

  3. Thank you for the lovely explanations but I want know how to connect my laptop to internet with WiFi using my android phone as a wireless modem
    My operating system is xp
    Thank you

  4. Please tell me how to turn on wifi on my xp pc via adapter ? And also tell me how to use and install wifi adapter?? Is wifi adapter has any requirements? ?

    1. No there is no such requirement for Wi-Fi adapter. You can buy it from online or from local pc store.
      If you want to use your android internet on pc you have to read this post or if you want to share your LAN internet on android then you have to check out my another post:

  5. Thanks to Javassist the transformation of the android.jar was a simple task and now I'm able to use the Moviles android baratos full potential of PowerMock(ito) to test Android code in Eclipse and during CI builds - including code coverage and all the other fancy stuff.

  6. I connect hte cable and switch on tethering. But, my laptop( windows 7 64bit) does not detect the tethered phone. What to do??


  7. i am also having the same problem...pls tell what to do

    1. right click on computer and select properties and select device manger check if there is any android phone listed in list if not
      install your phone adb driver properly
      if your pc can't detect your adb driver download and install

  8. Hi,Im using sony xperia tipo dual sim.RNDIS driver shows yellow color(i think it's not installed correctly) icon in device manager.Also, when i try to connect mobile with pc im getting "unhandled exception".

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  10. hi im using samsung pocket. in this phone i am not getting adhoc network.

    what to do?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. How can I connect mobile to tablet (android to android)?
    A link please!

  13. good working,if you are using mobile internet on pc,the cost of internet it will remain some as working mobile?

    1. yes it will use only mobile internet data and it will cost as per your data plan in mobile

  14. I have spice coolpad. I am installed PdaNetA4150 on pc & PdaNet+ on phone. Its not working iam enableling usb debugging but its not detect. Its fake...

    1. which method ur using usb or wifi?
      if wifi does your pc has wifi router?
      if ur using data usb tethering just follow the instruction care full bro its not fake its working i have tested it on my pc

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  17. Hii, I m using samsung I8552 android phone.i try to connect my phone internet to the pc windows xp with the help of usb cable through hotspot .but my model no is not showing in phone and modem in computer
    so plz guide me with this problem.

  18. How to use windows xp pc share net to mobile android help