How Internet Works Simplest Explanation

Most of us use but we have very less knowledge about it. We only know the only couple of things about the internet and how we can use it to browse sites and watching high definition movies or downloading the big file in just a few minutes.
how internet works
Maybe some of you wonder how it works and needs the simplest explanation to understand it in a few minutes. So you are on right site because I will try to explain to you everything is the simplest manner possible.

How Internet Works

The Internet is not like electricity no one generates it or own internet it is free for everyone. For example, you have two computer at home and if you connect them with a CAT5 LAN cable or WiFi you can access both computers files.

So will you pay anything to stay connected to both computers? absolutely no, because it's your wire but the problem is you are connected to your computer only. so for connecting other people computers, you need more wire.

Now suppose you want to connect with your uncle computer who lives in America? Will you spend money on installing wire to America? hell no.

Who Install Optical Fiber Cable in Sea

There are many Submarine Cable Systems companies in the world who install optical fiber. They have big ships which are specially designed with gigantic reels of optical fiber wire to lay down into the sea. There work is to find the best route without disturbing sea life and nature. Fiber optical cable is used to get maximum speed and efficiency. They also use splitters to boost the signal these companies also repair & replace the cable if it gets damaged naturally or by any fish.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet also use a cable to give you access to other servers. for example, A tower is connected to optical fiber and it has a wireless device which providing you internet exactly like a broadband router in your home.

So why we don't use wireless technology instead of cable? wireless is not faster than cable internet especially fiber-optical.

How we access other servers

Every server has different IP address also known as Internet Protocol address just like a postal address.

It is like because we can't remember these digits numbers so it uses the domain name like, etc which is easy to remember.

So for example, if the internet is highway these websites are restaurants(server) and you are a client riding a taxi which is your isp. you will tell him where to go and he will drop you there.

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Very well explained Bharat! Great analogies too. Keep up the Great work with your blog!!


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