10 Reliance JioPhone Hidden Terms & Conditions

Recent reliance JIO launches their latest feature phone. They say it's free but it's not actually free you have to deposit 1500 Rs for this phone though they also say that it's a refundable amount. After 3 years you can return this phone and get back your money.
JioPhone terms and conditions
I don't think the phone has any issue at that price but calling it free is a dodge thing for me. As we all know refund amount always not the same because of hidden terms and conditions of these big companies. Which they never disclose until a customer comes to them and ask for a refund. Then they show you their terms and conditions rules. So today we will look at those hidden terms and conditions which they might apply on it. which you will never know until 3 years complete.

Reliance Jiophone Hidden Terms & Conditions

As I saw that reliance JIO saying it's free I thought wow amazing. Then they said we have to deposit 1500 Rs still I am ok with that. But when they say you have to return it then they will give you your money back. Then I got hit by terms & conditions which they might show us when we go to return this device. let's see those but before that let me tell you I am just guessing these conditions there is no official T&C revealed by Reliance JIO yet.

Condition No 1: You have to recharge with 153 Rs every month for 3 years. If you skip we will not refund the amount.

Condition No 2: You have to stay with Jio sim only with this device. If you try to change SIM or try to unlock it or modify it then you will not get the refund.

Condition No 3: If the phone is not working at the time you come for the refund. We will not be able to give you refund.

Condition No 4: If the phone is working but damaged or partially working. Then we will refund you only 50% of the amount of the device.

Condition No 5: If you sold this phone to someone else. The buyer will not get the refund amount because an only original buyer has the right to ask for the refund.

Condition No 6: If you don't have invoice copy you will not get the refund.

Condition No 7: If the box of the device or some accessories is missing then you will not get the refund.

Condition No 8: If the phone is repaired from unofficial repair center then you will not get the refund.

Condition No 9: If you try to return different Jiophone with another invoice you will not get the refund.

Condition No 10: If phone accessories are damaged then you might get 50% refund.

So all these conditions might force you to just keep the phone with you. matter of fact I don't think you even think of return this phone after 3 years. 3 years is really a long time and I don't think anyone would buy this phone to return after 3 years.

Keep in mind if you buy this phone don't think it's free just think you bought it and you will not return it. Because I am sure after 3 years it will be really hard to get the refund from it. hope you understood the article.

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