Why You Should not Comment Fight on YouTube

Most of the time we see people fighting on YouTube for a very small reason. Sometimes they fight because they don’t like someone opinion and start abusing each other on YouTube comment section. But people don’t realize that it will impact on their YouTube account and channel.
youtube comment fight
Some people on YouTube just abusing and insult people, because they think they won’t get into any physical fight with a bigger person than them. So they can say anything to anyone but there is one guy always looking eye on your movements on YouTube. That’s YouTube itself but they don’t react until you cross the line.

What will happen if you comment fight on YouTube?

There is always freedom of speech on YouTube and the internet. But sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter has some limit of tolerance. If people start reporting on your vulgar, insulting, bad comment. Then you will be terminated from YouTube and never be allowed to use YouTube again.

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That’s not mean you can’t write your opinion you can. But the thing you should not do is using bad words. Because those words from you always store in YouTube database and after several years. When YouTube sees that, they will give you community guidelines strike. Even if you are not uploaded videos. Actually, YouTube community guidelines not just for content creators. It for those also who watch the video on YouTube.

When you insult, abuse someone its comes under Harassment and cyberbullying policy of youtube. Under this policy, you are not allowed to Abuse and harras someone with your video, message, and comment.

Some people even create a bad username which insults certain country, community, person etc. In this case, your account will be terminated from YouTube without any notice.

Where is Freedom of Speech?

There is always a freedom of speech but speech doesn’t mean you use vulgar words, abusing someone etc. you can say anything on YouTube just keep in mind every bad thing counts as a crime on YouTube and when they decide to punish. They punish really bad by kicking out of YouTube.

So just use YouTube comment section freely but just don’t use abusive and vulgar words. Always remember these things comes under Harassment and cyberbullying policy on youtube. So if some people feel bad about those comments they can report that and that report will be reviewed one day.

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