16 Things to Check Before Buying Second Hand Laptop

When our budget is low we prefer a second-hand laptop but sometimes we don’t even know what to look inside of it. How to check a laptop and we buy a non-working laptop and waste our money. So what is the right way to buy a working laptop and how you should check it lets see in this article?

Always remember one thing even if you are buying laptop or mobile or car. You have to see seller behavior first. If he is in a hurry that's mean something wrong with the product you are buying. You have to take at least 25 minutes to check the whole laptop.
check used laptop
If the seller doesn't want you to come to his place then you should call him your place. If seller denies that or says it's far from his location. Then that indicates 3 things.

His place: If he doesn't want to show the product in his home/office. Then maybe the product might have some issue. But if he invites you on his location that is the sign of working product and genuine seller.

Public place: I think now you have to be careful because this seller will not meet again. So you have to purchase the product very wisely.

Before we proceed to check the laptop you have to carry few things to check the laptop.

  1. USB Mouse
  2. Game CD/DVD ( GTA vice city will work fine for test )
  3. Power bank
  4. 3.5mm headphone

Things to look at while buying 2nd hand laptop

If you are new to buying a second-hand laptop then you have to see all of these things including seller behavior.

1. Bill/Warranty or his identity proof photocopy

Ask bill/invoice of the laptop especially if the product is in warranty then you must need bill/invoice otherwise warranty will not work.

if he has if not then you need his id proof photocopy with written "that his selling the laptop to you" with the signature of his and yours. Make sure to see real id proof to match with the photocopied. It is really important because if the seller does have bill then it might be stolen laptop. So if he gives his id proof Xerox then I think your fine.

2. See physical condition

See if there is any damage to the laptop from outside like display, body, USB ports etc. Then check the screws if those looks wear out that's mean it's repaired the laptop.

3. Boot laptop and check specification

Always see the model of laptop and then see if the specification(processor, ram, GPU, motherboard etc) matching with the laptop. You can do that by clicking on Run and typing dxdiag.

Make sure to ask laptop password. If he doesn't know the password don't buy it's stolen.

4 Display quality

See if it's blurry or has some black spot or some kind of straight vertical lines. that means it's damaged and needs a fix/repair.

5. Start webcam

Start laptop webcam and see how's the quality and if it working or not with the inbuilt mic. Don't go on the words of the seller that it requires fresh windows etc.

6. Play music

Play any song and see how's the sound quality if it's working or not.

7. Plug in USB mouse

See if all the USB ports are working or not make sure to jiggle it little to see if it has some issue.

8. Insert Game CD/DVD

It will also test the CD/DVD drive but we have to install the game and play it for 10 minutes to see laptop performance as well as battery performance. Because gaming drain battery fast that will give you the idea of battery condition.

9. Charge laptop

Now insert your power bank and see if laptop charging and if you are at a place. where you have electricity plug just charge from laptop charger.

10. Try closing and opening laptop screen

Try it and make sure to stop screen at 60-degree angle and see if it's fall off. If it does that's means laptop hinges are damaged. Remember always see display make sure it's not flickering while opening and closing. If it does that's mean display has some issue or it's repaired.

11. Check laptop battery

See laptop battery if it is matching with the laptop model and if it doesn't match. That's mean he replaced witrh other it. So check if the battery is genuine or local with the company name.

12. Headphone jack

Insert 3.5mm headphone and see if it's working and also jiggle a little bit to see if it has any electrical noise.

13. Connect with Wifi

Create hotspots on your mobile and connect with it and also see the strength and signal bar.

14. Heating

Though all laptop produces heat. But if it's heating more than you have ever noticed just leave the laptop.

15. Keyboard

Try typing on the notepad software and see if all keys are working fine. Make sure all keys working properly and naturally.

16. Check battery consumption

Since you boot the laptop and does all these things see how much battery it consumed. If it's 5 - 15% then fine.

So all these points are important while buying a used laptop. Always see if everything matching what seller told to you before. If don't you still don't know what is fishy with the laptop.

After buying install fresh windows and format all drives

It will remove all the virus it has and also it will work like a new laptop.

My personal feeling is every electronic product should be purchased brand new. So you will get the warranty and it will work longer and when you sell. It will give you a decent amount of money so you can add more and buy new latest technology laptop. 

But for those whose budget is tight, they can try these tips and buy used laptop under their budget.

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