Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review

After a lot of research finally, I bought a full HD webcam c922. I was little confused which webcam to buy c920 or c922. But finally, I discovered that c922 has a little improvement over c920.
c922 pro stream review
So it’s your turns to clear your confusion by watching the review of c922 pro stream which is an upgraded version of legendary c920. Most people still buying c920 because it’s a famous webcam in video streamer and video chat community. But c922 has some extra features and the video quality improved slightly from c920. So let’s see all those improvements and review it.

  • 1080P @30FPS
  • 720P @60FPS
  • Good video quality
  • Quick focus
  • Live background removal
  • Usable with tripod
  • N/a
  • Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam
  • amazon


If we see Logitech webcam design they all are same after c910 to c930e. So there are no major changes in the design of c922. Just the body part around the camera lens is black, not transparent like c920 and they have removed the logo and placed just the Logitech name only.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality has the slight improvement over c920 and colors in the video also looks cool. If we compare it with c920 it has more details in the image so the quality is awesome but it requires good lighting like any other camera. If you have good lighting around you then your video will look like you are using any digital camera.
c922 quality

Auto Focus

The autofocus works fine it focus the subject pretty quickly.  I have seen c920 has this issue sometime it do some auto lighting effects when you move here there. But on c922 it’s not the issue if you have perfect lighting.

Background Removal

Logitech has introduced a new feature which is background removal without the green screen. But to be frankly the background removal feature doesn’t work properly if your background has a lot of stuff. For plain background like white, blue, green etc. it works ok but not perfect like we can do with video editing software.
c922 background removal

720p @ 60FPS

Yes, you can run c922 on 60fps but to get the full 60fps you really have to work on your lighting. Because if lighting is not good this will force c922 to give auto light to every frame. Which will drop the fps to below 30 20 fps even 15 if lighting is really bad. So to get full 60FPS we have to make c922 hardware work less for lighting.

Audio quality

For normal use audio quality is fine but if you are a content creator than the quality is bad as all other webcams in this world. So you have to use an external dedicated microphone for professional work. Consider this webcam for visual quality not for audio quality.

Final conclusion

Overall the product is really nice with crisp visuals and live stream background removal feature and 60FPS. So if you are a live streamer than you should buy this one otherwise save your money and buy C920. But if you can get it buy just spending 5 to 10$ more than you should buy this one you won't regret it. It is slight better than C920 though audio seems same for both.

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