This is Why RAM Prices are Going up 2017

Why ram prices
Everyone noticed the heat in the computer market when they are asking the price of DDR4 ram. Which is costing almost double of its actual price. In 2016 we were seeing 16 GB ram just under 75$ but in 2017 the same thing going for 140$.

Why this happened many people thought that something happened to ram making companies like they vanished in the tsunami. Actually, it’s not the real issue we have faced this kind of problem in 2013-14 also. In those years HDD and ram priced increased together but this time the issue is really different let’s see why this happened with us.

The real reason of RAMs are getting expensive

Actually, your lovely smartphone is the many reasons for the spike in the ram price in the computer market.  Actually, many mobile making companies are using DDR4 RAMs. Almost every smartphone like Samsung galaxy s7, s8, LG g6 and many mobiles like these are using DDR4 Ram.

But that’s not the only reason to give competition to these smart phones many Chinese companies are making smartphones. Millions of mobiles are daily building with DDR4 RAMs.

So mostly all mobile companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, xiaomi, oppo etc, buying DDR4 RAMs in bulk directly from the RAM manufacturing companies. Which is causing the shortage of RAM’s in the computer markets and just because of it RAM prices are getting higher and higher.

When will RAM prices come down to normal?

You can’t say until the RAM manufacturers increase the production rate. But one thing is sure that you won’t see any price drop in 2017. Even early 2018 will face the same issue but you can expect ram price will come down in mid-2018.

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