How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel Correctly (Complete Guide)

Those who like to play games always want to start a gaming YouTube channel and monetize it. They know they love gaming and if they can record their gameplay and upload to YouTube. They can earn money as well as become famous. But there are many hidden terms and conditions you might don’t know. Which can vanish your gaming YouTube channel dreams within few weeks after starting the channel.
Gaming YouTube Channel

So before doing anything, you must know how to do it correctly otherwise you will end up crying. For example, if you try to drive a car without knowing its system you will meet an accident. Same thing goes for gaming channel on YouTube. If you want to run it smoothly you must know these important things before starting the channel.

How to start a gaming YouTube channel right way

There should be no excuses for not learning these important points before starting the channel. Because if something bad happens to your gaming YouTube channel. Then it will be very late to learn these things. So take a closer look at every small to big points we are raising here.

Do You Need Permission to Upload Gameplay and monetize it?

Yes, and No, Actually you don’t need personal permission. Most of the popular game developers already mention their copyright policies on their official websites. Which allows gamers to show their game footage/gameplay and monetize it.

But every game has different copyright/monetization policy most of the game developers allow uploading gameplay. Which don’t reveal their game story (cutscenes) and missions.

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But some game developers allow if you are doing whole gameplay like from starting to end (Let's play with narration) of the game. And some game developers want you must record yourself while playing the game. Maybe some game allows you to upload gameplay but not monetize.

So everything depends on the game developers and their copyright/monetization policies of the game. So always educate yourself about the game policies how they are giving you permission to upload their gameplay and monetize it. Then you will be always staying away from every legal issue.

Always Silent the game song/music to prevent copyright claim 

You might know that we also have music/song in the games and many that might be owned by the third party. For example Grand Theft Auto series they have radio/music while you drive the car/bike etc. Even euro truck simulator 2 has radio featuring real world music. Mostly all games have ending created with songs.

The developer actually buys the license to use in the game but not you. You can use it personally but when it comes to YouTube. They have an automatic feature (content id match) which will automatically flag your video even if you didn’t do intentionally.

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So it’s the most common mistake gamers does and they get copyright claim for music in the game automatically in form of content id match. So always make sure to silent the music which is created by someone’s not by the game developers

Why Gaming YouTube channel join MCN (multi-channel networks)?

Most of the MCN help when you get in trouble of copyright issues so that’s why people join MCN especially gaming YouTuber. Actually, some MCN has permission to use a specific game and monetize it that you can’t. Though MCN also has some rules to follow like you can only upload gameplay if you are commentary, you can only stream gameplay if you show your face cam. Though some MCN also allows only gameplay no commentary.

Other than that if you are following every YouTube rule and game copyright and magnetization policy you don’t need to join MCN. But there is no guarantee that you are not at risk even after that because in a game there is also some other stuff going through so you never know.

What should i give to YouTube if i get content id claim or when they ask permission proof of uploading gameplay?

If  it is not any music claim and it's just content id claim for gameplay martial. Then you can just provide them written permission by game developers. Most of the popular games already has that permission on their website (eg: euro truck simulator,  Activision-Blizzard). But if the game developers has not uploaded that permission letter than do one of these points.

  1. Ask them to publish the permission on their official website.
  2. Ask them to send the permission in pdf file format because email won't be sufficient.
After that just dispute the claim and give the proof given by the game owner/legal team etc.

How some people upload & monetize the gameplay which you can't?

They might have got the permission from the game developers or they are in a multi channel network and that MCN has got the permission to upload the gameplay and monetize it.

Do i really have to Commentary in gameplay?

Every game has different rules, even if you are in MCN they also has different rules. If they allows you to upload no commentary gameplay then you can do that. But It is always safe to commentary in the game because then you comes into YouTube fair usage policy.
Don't worry guys it's not the end stay tuned we will update it daily until we finish the whole concept of YouTube gaming channel.

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