How to Run Any PC Game Faster Universal Solution

Run any PC game faster it’s a very common question comes from low spec games. We all know why it happens but we can’t do anything because we can’t afford new modern PC/laptop. So we always start finding alternative ways to running games faster on PC. But instead of it, you can also buy a best budget graphic card which is the best way to run any PC game faster. But if you can't buy that then just try this universal solution.
Run any PC game faster
So is there any way for real? Maybe yes the only universal solution which will make your game run smoother. If a game matches the minimum requirement which matches your specification. Then why not you can run that game smoother. Even if it doesn’t you can pretty much run any game but smoothness becomes the main issue. So today we will try to gain FPS and smoothness of any game without any software.

How to run Any Computer game Faster

Mostly all gamer do that to get more FPS and you should also do that. With this method, you will get more frame per second but you will lose graphic quality. Yes, you are right you have to lower the graphical settings. But if you have a decent computer then just make some combination. Try changing few settings from graphics.

What should I tweak in graphic settings?

Resolution: Try reducing as much as looks fair to you, it helps really well to improve the gameplay

Antialiasing (MSAA): Turn it off or lower it down, if you make it off you will get maximum FPS.

Shadow: Turn it off or make it low and even if it has shadow texture option make it low. Then you will get better fps instantly.

Texture Quality: make it lowest or medium according to your gameplay and smoothness.

V-Sync/Vertical Synchronization: You have to turn it off and with that, you will see a lot improvement in the gameplay.

Motion Blur: Turn it off personally feel like motion blur makes game unrealistic and even if you make it off you lose nothing. But you will gain some FPS.

You really have to play with these graphical options for better results and decent visual quality. There are many things in graphical settings of the games. But these are the settings which consume more power from your graphic card. And when you lower or off these settings your gameplay become smoother.

Final Conclusion

You can make any game run faster but you always lose quality with this solution. Though modern games need a more powerful processor, graphic card and old system can’t stand a chance to run them even on lowest setting. So the truth is as games are getting better and better you should also make your PC better. Upgrade it to at least decent i3/i5 or you can get AMD Ryzen for a budget build. After that get a brand new GPU spend as much as you can on it and you will get a monster PC which can run any game without any issue.

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