Why You Should Only Use Branded Power Supply Unit (PSU)

This question always comes in our mind why we should use branded power supply. When a local power supply can run our computer smoothly. Why we should invest 8x or 10x times more money on branded power supply just to run our PC, which can also run with a cheap local power supply.

When it comes to a very low budget computer they are forced to use local power supply because they can’t really afford the branded PSU. But there are some PC builders who just don’t want to invest on PSU instead they invest on motherboard, processor, ram, cabinet extra.
branded power supply
This is the big mistake they do I mean you bought an expensive motherboard, processor, ram and graphic card etc. Now tell me can they run without a power supply? Who will run these components power supply unit right? Then how can you avoid that important component which runs your expensive components?

If you really don’t know the importance of a branded power supply unit so stay tune. We will show you why you should use branded PSU instead of cheap local PSU.

Why you should use Branded PSU

Well, reasons are really simple if you are investing on your processor, motherboard, ram, hard disk, and graphic card. Then you should also invest well on the power supply which will actually run them. It will not just give power to your computer components but it will also protect your them from many electrical fluctuations.

How Power Supply can Damage your Computer Components

Our whole computer system works from electricity so electricity like blood and PSU is a heart of your computer. If the heart is not strong enough to pump the blood in a normal flow how will the body work? 

Similarly, if your PSU is weak it can’t tackle situations which can damage your components like hard disk, motherboard, graphic card, ram, processor(in worst case scenario). There is 4 well-known cause of PSU damage as well as your whole PC.

Blackout: it also is known as power cut if your electricity suddenly goes down it affects your computer components.
Brownout: it is also known as low voltage, we often see it happens in summer times when everyone turns on their AC and water motors in the night.
low voltage
Power Surge: it also known as high voltage when our voltages go down or power cut and when it comes back we often see high voltage( brighter bulbs, fast running fan) in it. which is more than the required power for our home appliances.
Electrical Noise: Just like a landline telephone if the wiring is not good we often hear some buzzing sound. exactly same happens in electric of wiring is not good there will be always some electrical noise which we can't hear unless sparking starts coming.
electrical noise
All of these 4 things can damage your power supply and when it comes into power supply it damages all other components as well. Especially if you are not using UPS you have to understand the importance of UPS as well with power supply. Because local PSU is not built to deal these type of situation they are just built to provide power to your computer system.

Branded PSU protects computer components

We all know only one thing that the power supply are built to give power to our computer components. Yes, it is true but branded power supply are also build to protect itself as well as your expensive components from blackout, brownout, power surge, electrical noise etc.
Most of the branded power supply comes with multiple protections like.

SCP: Short Circuit Protection
OPP: Overpower (overload) protection
OCP: Over current protection
OVP: Over Voltage protection
UVP: Under voltage protection

Local power supply always under power

We always think that our local 450-watt power supply is giving 450 watts. But the truth is a local power supply will never give exactly the same power even branded one.

It will always produce 50% of the power of it if you bought a local 450watt PSU then it will give you about 200-225watt. So if you insert 300watt required graphic card either it will not work or will not work properly. But branded power supply will give exactly the same watt with better efficiency.
Hope you understood how important is a power supply for your computer. So if you liked our article make sure to subscribe the blog.

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