How to Buy Best Budget Graphics Cards For Gaming 2017

Everyone has a different budget for a graphics card for their gaming or video editing. Some people buy most expensive ones and some people buy just something which comes in their budget. But buying a most expensive graphics card or buying budget graphics card blindly is not also a great idea.
Buy Best budget graphic card
You might think “oh I bought expensive one so I will get great performance” but that’s not always true. Some people buy a just graphics card for just a name that I have graphic cards on my PC. So now I can run any game which is absolutely wrong. That is why we are here to show you, how you can buy best graphic cards under your budget for maximum performance.

Important Points for Buying Best Graphics Cards

We will tell you some important points which you should always consider before buying any budget graphic card. Even if your budget is huge like 2000$(1.3 Lakhs INR). It will always help you to get the maximum FPS from your computer system.

Look at Brand & Model number

You can easily get the idea which card is better by their model number. Which represents Cores (Shader Processing Unit) Memory size, Memory bandwidth etc. Now companies like NVidia and AMD makes graphic cards and their CPU but companies like Sapphire, Zotac, ATI, and MSI rebrand the same graphic card by modifying it (for example original NVidia 1050 2GB becomes ZOTAC 1050 TI 4GB, MSI 1050 2GB GamingX).

Which means they do some modification by adding more memory, overclocking it and change the cooling Fan for less heat. Which increase the confusion of buyers because more ram and more speed might look impressive to you. But another upgraded model number might work faster than that modified graphic card like NVidia 1060 2GB without any modification.

So as much as you can always try to go for a higher standard model without overclocked by any company. Because buying an overclocked version for paying more 200$ is not a good idea. You can always overclock the plain specimen anytime you want.

Memory speed matter more than Memory Size (RAM)

This is the most common mistake people do while selecting a graphics card. Even some stupid so called computer experts suggest that more RAM should be your top priority which is not true. It’s really a wrong thinking it’s like you are buying a high-speed supercar after seeing its mileage. Unless you are not using multiple monitors or 4K display you don’t need to consider ram as your top priority. But if you are playing on 1920x1080P or above that just buy a high-end graphic card which gives more RAM by default.

But your main priority should be the Memory bandwidth. One more thing you should always remember GDDR5 memory is twice faster than DDR3 at the same clock rate, 4GB DDR3 is equal to 1GB GDDR5 memory.

Don’t Bottleneck your system

It is not bad but it’s really a waste of money if you buy an expensive card for your old system. Suppose you bought a high-speed car but you can’t drive it more than 25 km/h in your city because of the traffic jam.

Old CPU: the Same thing will happen when you combine the high-end graphic card with old core 2 duo, quad core, dual core etc. you won’t get the full speed from your GPU and it’s completely waste of money. Just buy a mid-end graphic card for mid end PC but if you want to get the best performance always use a modern processor with the high-end graphic card.

Screen resolution: Your monitor size also an important factor to selecting your graphic card. You don’t need an expensive graphic card for 1280x720P resolution. But if you are using 3X 1920x1080P monitor than your mid-end graphic card won’t work as you want.

PSU: You also need to take a look at your PSU if it has the right power and cable to work with your upcoming graphic card. Maybe you have to change it later and you see that as an extra expense.

So build your budget according to that and save money. You don’t need to waste money on those things which you won’t get with it.

Paring Graphics card is not always and good idea

AMD and NVidia offer features like Crossfire and SLI so you can use two graphics card on the single system. It sounds great that you will get double the power. But no you won’t the second graphic card will only give you 50 to 60% boost or less than that. It’s all comes down to a motherboard that can suck full performance out of those cards.

Basically, you don’t need 2 graphic cards for single monitor even with two monitors if not high definition. But when it comes down to 3 4k resolution monitors you must use 2 GPU then you will get the full benefit of those 2 cards. Otherwise, you are wasting your money and electricity and it will also generate more noise.

Don’t ignore your Cabinet

Always see your cabinet size before going for a graphic card. You won’t like the situation in which you just came from the market with a brand new expensive graphic card. But it is not fitting in your cabinet Just because of its half an inch longer.

Always measure your cabinet size otherwise you will have to buy a new cabinet for graphic card and disassemble the whole system which can create more problem for other components if you don’t know how to take care of those.

Try searching gaming gameplay

Before buying you should always take advantage of YouTube. Just search your CPU and upcoming GPU name on it for checking the combination of it and performance. You can also search CPU and any high-end game name and see which graphic card that guy is using. By that, you will get the idea which graphic card is suitable for you and which modern graphic card is available with better power and value for money.
Hope this guide helped you for understanding you should buy the best budget graphic card for gaming.

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