Why PC, PlayStation, Xbox Games Never Dubbed in Hindi

For mostly all Indian gamers has a complaint that big games companies like Rockstar, Ubisoft, Konami, and Capcom never dub games in Hindi. Even though India has a second highest population in the worlds and Hindi is the 4th most spoken language after English.
Hindi Games
Though we have some glimpse of future of Hindi language gaming in Far Cry 4. But that game had only intro and “Shangri-La” mission in the Hindi language. Though some characters in the game used to say some words in Hindi.

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Other than that 90% of the game was in English. But the whole Far Cry series uses different country language in every release. Even story of Far Cry 4 was demanding Hindi language for some characters. Though the game got a lot of success no other game attempt to use Hindi for Indian gamers. So what is the reason behind it? let's reveal it.

Why Games like GTA, Assassin Creed Never Dubbed in Hindi

We all love GTA, Assassin creed, call of duty, mafia, Witcher etc. but they never make the game for the Hindi language. There is big reason behind it.


Mostly in Asia people don’t buy a game. If we talk about India the whole gaming industry earns about 0.01% from India. So no one sees the profit to invest money to dub for Indians. Because they know they won’t recover it from Indians.

No Game Developments in India

There is no company in India who makes AAA games. Everyone busy on making small ugly android games. Which never looks perfect and those which looks awesome developed by some forging countries gaming team or person.

No Promotion for gaming

Everyone in Indian except those who love gaming. No one supports gaming they all think it is for kids only. It’s a time waste so if a guy play games after 30s people make fun of him. They even laugh at him saying he still play games.

Hope you understand why there is no game for Hindi speakers. Until Indians stop these mistakes there will be no Hindi games for India. If you like what we said then make sure to subscribe our blog and youtrube channel.

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