Why You Must Use UPS For PC

Most of the PC users don’t use UPS because they think they don’t have to invest extra bucks on uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Everyone has different reasons for not using UPS but everyone should use UPS with their PC. Even with the laptop in some cases when your laptop battery doesn’t give even a single second battery backup.

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Everyone thinks that UPS is just to save our work when the electricity goes down. But UPS is way more important than that for your computer. Spending the extra money on UPS will give you more benefit in future. Now let’s comes down to question why we should use UPS even when our electricity never goes down.

Why you should use UPS with PC

There are many reasons which will force you to use UPS and every reason comes down to one of the biggest reasons. That is protecting your computer components like Motherboard, Graphic Card, Hard disk, RAM, PSU (Power Supply Unit).

A computer running without a UPS can easily get damaged from electricity faults. There are many electrical problems which will cost you your expensive computer components. Let’s look at some of the most common electrical problems.

Power Cut

It also is known as blackout, when the power goes down mostly you lose your all unsaved works. But in some cases, there are many chances that your computer components also gets damaged because of the sudden power cut.

Sudden Low voltage

It is also known as the brownout, it is very common in the summer time when multiple high voltage appliances working together at the same time like Air conditioner, washing machine, water motor etc. That time voltage goes down and most of the time computer and other things like a bulb, tube light, and other things stopped working.

Increase in voltage

It is also known as power surge this happens when suddenly electricity voltage increase above normal. In this case bulb light becomes brighter and thing cause damage to your air conditioner, Refrigerator, microwave and computer components.

Electrical Noise

When the electricity is not clear this noise can take down your computer components and other electrical appliances.

There are also other electrical problem but these are the most common problem which can cause you your computer components even it happens for fraction of a second.

A low-cost UPS will not give you more than 10 to 15 minutes battery backup. But it will give you time to shut down your system and also save your work and most important it will protect your expensive components of your computer. Which is much more expensive than UPS.

Which UPS I Should Buy?

You don't need a whole home UPS with truck battery. A small PC UPS will do the work for protecting your PC. APC is the best UPS Company but you can also go for luminous, Microtek. They are only known for building good UPS for your computer. Which will give you at least 2 years of electrical component warranty and 1 year battery warranty.

1. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS

700VA or 390 watts
3 battery backed cum surge protected sockets, one surge only socket
Safely-shutdown your PC when battery runs out
Surge protection on all sockets
Built in AVR to ensure battery is conserved even during low or high voltage conditions
Very simple LED interface with audio alarms
User resettable thermal cutoff for overload protection


Output Power Capacity: 360 Watts
Nominal Output Voltage: 230 Volts
Typical Recharge Time: 10 hours
Surge Energy Rating: 240 Joules

Hope you understand the importance of UPS and will buy a UPS and protect your computer components.

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