You Don't Know But You Have Accidental Insurance up to 10 Lakhs for FREE

Free accidental insurance
We all know all the crappy things about celebrities and other things which we don’t need to know. But we don’t know many important things of our life. Insurance is one of them do you know you have accidental insurance but 95% users don’t even know that.

But today I will tell you that you have accidental insurance if you have an ATM card. Yes, every person who owns a debit card (ATM card) has accidental insurance. If you have a bank account then you must apply for ATM card. Because it can protect your pocket in the harsh situation of your life.

Accidental Insurance for All ATM users

We just know that we can withdraw money from ATM anytime.  But we don’t know that we can also claim insurance if someone us on road and we need some medical treatment.

I am not saying that anyone would see that day but it is life anything happened anytime. Getting these type of important things can help us in a difficult time of life.

Now let’s come down to some common frequently asked question after hearing this information.

How do I claim accidental insurance from Bank?

Whenever the person met the accident you must inform the police. Make sure you have all the relevant documents of the person. If the person hospitalized keep all the hospital documents.

In case the person expires then you will need postmortem report, police report, death certificate and a valid driving license of the person.

When they will reject the claim?

If the ATM card holder has not done any valid transaction through ATM card within 45-90 days. Though some banks have 90 days limit but consider 45 days as the maximum limit. So the person has to use ATM card once in every second month.

You can claim it within 2 to 6 month of the incident depends on the bank and their policy.

Which bank ATM card covers Accidental Insurance?

Almost all private and government both banks provide this service. They provide accidental hospitalization cover and accidental death cover for customers. Who has an operational bank account and a working ATM card. If the bank found the account is not operative then the bank will withdraw your cover.

I have Multiple ATM cards can I claim with all?

Though you have multiple ATM cards. But you can claim for only one bank ATM card.

How much they will cover you?

It’s all depends on your ATM card and bank for example if you have PNB ATM card. Then the bank will cover

25,000 Rs for Student card
50,000 Rs for Maestro debit card/ Kissan debit card
2,00,000 Rs for Platinum/ Gold/ Rakshak/ EMV international debit card
2,00,000 Rs for Business Card
5,00,000 Rs for Rakshak Platinum card

If you have more questions you can comment below so we can add those in this FAQ list. Hope you understood the value of an ATM card.

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