How to Limit High Speed Internet to Save Data

We all are moving towards fast internet world where you can download the 1GB file in just a few seconds. Which is quite amazing I am who have thought that In 90s where we used to think 256Kbps is the insanely fast internet.

But even with the fast internet there are some limitations. They set down a limit data on your subscription plan. If you are not using expensive plan where you get unlimited high-speed data. In this case we lose all of our high speed data within few week than we have to deal with slow speed internet whole month.
Limit High Speed Internet
Today we will try to show you how you can limit your high internet speed. Which is sufficient for your usage and you will not waste your data.

How to limit high-speed internet speed

Most of our high data speed data waste on high definition videos. I mean 720p is more than enough for a mobile screen but some people watch it on 4K. Just because they have high-speed internet. But after few days when they finish their high-speed data. The same person watches video on 360p on the same screen and his still ok with that quality.

Set Resolution for YouTube

To protect your high-speed data if only you are using the internet and sharing with anyone. You should set the YouTube videos to 480p or 720p according to screen size.

Suppose you have a 720p screen Monitor so 720p resolution video will be perfect for you. The 1080p video won’t do miracle because you have 720p supported screen. It’s clearly a waste of data if you run 1080p or 4K on lower resolution screen.

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Just set 720P if you always watch video on full screen otherwise 480P also good depends on the video creator how good quality video he is uploading. Because in most cases even 1080p video on YouTube looks like 240p video.

For Mobile Screen YouTube Videos

I don’t think even if you have 4K resolution mobile you should watch 4k video online. Because you won’t see the quality difference between in 720p or 4K on such small screen. So for mobile screen below 6 Inch set the YouTube video resolution to 480p which is perfect.

Other than that I don’t think to limit our download speed is a good idea. Because we only download things which we really need to download and even if we set the speed limit to our downloading. We will download the exact size, for example, downloading a 10 GB file @ 50mbps or 2mbps we are downloading same data 10 GB. So no need to set the speed limit for downloading.

Just take care of high-definition video and you are good to go. Even if doing this thing you can’t run your high-speed data until the end of the month. Just increase data limit that would be the best solution for you. Hope you like this article make sure to subscribe the blog and comment below if you have any other problem.

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