Youtube Account Terminated For No Reason? Time to Get it Back

Many people have the same complaint that YouTube Account Terminated for No Reason. Mostly all people think the same way that I have not done anything wrong then why YouTube channel terminated without any notice? Maybe there was some YouTube error or maybe it happened because of some mistake.

If YouTube gives you the reason for termination of your YouTube channel. Then just relax and think for 10 minutes did you actually done that? If you think you have not done that then you got better chance to recover YouTube account. But if you think you actually did but only once or twice still you have some hope to get it back.
youtube account terminated for no reason

Termination of YouTube account is the worst situation of for any YouTuber. You just lose all of your dreams in just a few seconds. This happens with many popular YouTuber you’re not alone. Don’t even think of doing anything wrong we are here to help you out from this saddest situation of your life.

How to Recover Suspended YouTube Account

In this tutorial, I will show you 100% guaranteed method which will recover your terminated YouTube channel back if you follow the steps correctly. So let’s help you out from this worst situation.

We will teach you how to appeal for terminated youtube channel because many people don't even know how to appeal for reinstatement of terminated Youtube account. They just appeal in a wrong way and no one notices that type of appeal. That's the biggest reason they never get back their youtube account, So follow us carefully.
  • First of all, go to appeal page
  • On the first section write your actual full name
  • Now here people always does a huge mistake. Email address you use to sign in to your YouTube channel *  You should not enter your personal email or Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail address here. They are asking your youtube channel email address. You don't know right? don't worry let's find that email address first.
  • Just open your email address where you mostly get the notifications for your suspended youtube channel. Like subscribers, comments on your video, uploaded video publish etc.
  • recovery youtube channel
  • There just see any old notification like someone subscribe to your channel open that email and click on the down arrow beside your channel name (show details).
  • recover youtube
  • There you will see your youtube channel email address besides your channel name in brackets. Just copy paste that in Email address you use to sign in to your YouTube channel *.
  • recover suspended youtube channel
  • Now enter your email address where they will contact you in Email address we can use to contact you section. write any email where you want to receive their email.
  • In URL of your suspended YouTube channel * enter the URL of your terminated youtube channel. If you forgot just see in the browser history it will look like something this or
  • Now just explain briefly to the reviewer but don't write long story 4 line will be enough. Just explain in your way but don't beg cry or do something that will reject your appeal. just give the valid reason so they can think of reinstating your youtube channel back.
  • After that just Submit and hope for the positive result and pray to god. If they found your reason valid they will recover your terminated youtube account within 24 hours.
Hope you will get back your terminated youtube account. If you have more issue just contact the youtube forum or comment here. IF you like our this tutorial make sure to subscribe our youtube channel and subscribe our blog.  

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I am having a big problem at the moment with my channel.
Initially, YouTube terminated my account HeavyAccent100(url : ) for the reason going against community guidelines. I filled the appeal form and explained all details. My channel got reinstated and I was really happy. However, the other channels associated with this channel remain terminated because of this channel, even though all of them are in good standing and even others don't have videos at all.
I have tried filling separate appeal forms to get them reinstated as well but I keep getting which looks like automated email.
My channels that remain terminated: (TopGuy360 KENYA) (Natasha Muliro)

Please help.


if you are YouTube partner try one thing. login to your HeavyAccent100 account and click on your profile picture then creator studio on the right left side you will see "Help and Feedback"

Just click on that and email tell them your exact situation they will manually check everything and one of their executive will help you personally. But it need YouTube partner account which you get only when you have earning enabled on your channel.

Other thing you can do is talk to YouTube forum click on new topic and write everything you are telling me. There are many helpful people who will guide you correctly.


I think you are not writing your channel email you might be writing your gmail email. you can find your channel email by going to gamil and see any subscriber notification or video or reply notification there in the "to" tab you will see your channel email. you have to use that to appeal hope you understood.

If it helps i will be really happy


Thank you for the quick reply. Just to let you know that I had filled the form exactly how you have stated here.
My reinstated channel has more than 130K VIEWS and the videos are monetised, but the email button to customer support is not showing.
Also my total views is showing zero even though the videos have more than 130k views.
Still I don't know what to do. Or maybe I should wait like 2 days and see if I can get access to email YouTube.
I have tried to put my question up on the forum still waiting for the answers.
Again thanks for your time.


if your other channel are not involve in any type of community guidelines violation then you don't need to worry. They will restore your channel just appeal correctly. if you know someone who is also youtube partner you can ask him/her to email youtube behalf of your channel. It will also work.

Remember commenting abusive words and using a abusive word as your username/channel name also comes into community guidelines violation.


Hi are you a partner of youtube? I was recently wrongfully terminated. I sent out a bulk message to all of my subscribers using a google chrome plug in and I did not realise this was considered spam as it was the first time I done it. Is there anyway you could help me if you are a youtube partner?


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