Hidden Secrets of Jio Prime Member Plan 303 & 499 Rs

We all are happy with jio prime members plan but do we know hidden secrets of these plans. Do you know how jio will make the profit with these plans which you think are cheaper? Once you become a prime member you can get unlimited data, unlimited calling, and SMS. If you subscribe the 303 Rs or 499 rs plan.
Hidden secrets of jio prime
Now some people think jio is giving us these plans without earning a huge profit like other telecom operators. But the truth is there are many smart plans jio made to earn good amount of profit from their 100 million users. Let us show you what’s those hidden truths behind jio prime membership is.

Hidden Secrets of Jio Prime Membership Plans

One thing is for sure jio has changed the telecom industry within few months. Even though they were not earning anything from their users but they gave everything for free till 31 march 2017. Now it’s their time to earn some money from their millions of users.

People are attracted towards shine of jio because they have such an eye-catching offers in their tariff plans. Which none of telecom operator gave us before. so let’s see hidden things behind jio plans.

99 Rs to Become Jio Prime Member

One thing jio knew that no one going to recharge with 303 rs plan every month. So to gain more profit they added one requirement 99rs prime membership. Now whoever want to use this plan will pay 402 rs for the first month. After that 303 rs recharge will be sufficient.
hidden secrets of jio 99 rs
Suppose if jio did not use 99 rs prime membership strategy they would be in loss of 99 rs.

28 Days plan instead of a month

If you remember the announcement they were talking about one month plan for 303 rs after becoming a prime member. But they are only giving unlimited data, calls, SMS for 28 days.
hidden secrets of jio 28 days
So if you do some calculation they are in the profit of 2 or 3 days in every month. If chose 2.5 days profit and multiply it with 10 they will get 25 days more. So 28 days x 12 months is 336 days and if you add 25 days more to 336 days. So their one year will become almost 13 months.

10 Rs Per Day Secret of Jio

We all know Jio one month is 28 days. So let’s do some calculation of real numbers and users imagination.


 28 days x 12 months = 336 days

But one year is about 365 days so 365-336= 29 days, so if 28 days is a month for jio then their one year will be 13 months.

303 rs x 12 months = 3636+99 rs (prime member) = 3735 Rs

3735 divided by 336 = 11.11 Rs/-

So you are not paying 10 rs for a day, in fact, you are paying 11.11 rs for a day.

Now If we calculate it for 365 days

3735 divided by 365 = 10.23 rs now it’s become 10 rs but jio is not giving it for a month it’s only for 28 days. So they are in a profit of 1.11 rs from every user of their prime member who recharges it with 303 rs every month.

Who will Recharge with 303 Rs Every Month

Only few thousand people will recharge 303 rs plan for every month after paying prime membership 99 rs. Suppose 1000 people paid 99 rs and only 10 people are recharging with 303 rs. So from 10 people, they will get only 1.11 rs profit.

But just think of those who paid 99 rs and only recharged it once or 2 months. So from them, they will earn more profit.
So hope you understand the strategy of jio. Though we are not against their strategy matter of fact we are supporting jio because they have reduced price of all telecom operators with their awesome planning. Every telecom operator is now scared of jio planning and they always keep eye on every move of jio. It’s just awesome for Indian consumers.

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