How to Find Any WiFi Password Using CMD | Windows Trick

One question always comes in our mind how to get any Wi-Fi password. Most people think you need some kind of black hat tool to do this. But you don’t need any software to find the Wi-Fi password. The only thing you have to do is just seat on the computer which is connected to that Wi-Fi.

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Though these days WiFi is free in school,college and work places. Mostly in school, college no one want to share it because they don’t want to share the speed with you. So you can simply ask directly from admin or use this trick silently only if WiFi is free to use in your place.
Find Wifi Password using CMD
In another case, if your pc was connected to a Wi-Fi and someone has disconnected it and now you forgot the password. Then it is the best way to get any Wi-Fi password without any app. actually you don’t have to be a computer engineer you just need to know few CMD commands which I will show you in this post. So let’s not wait and straight jump on to the tutorial.

Find Any WiFi Password Using CMD

Before we proceed to step by step method I want you to read the note below very carefully.

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Note: This method is only created for educational purposes and we don’t recommend using this trick on others WiFi without their permission. Use this method only to find your own WiFi Password.

Open Command Prompt in run as administrator
command prompt
Now type the command netsh wlan show profiles and press enter. Then you will see all the available WiFi name.
wifi using cmd
After that type netsh wlan show profiles wifi-name key=clear and press enter.
Wifi Password using cmd
There you go key content is holding your wifi password for example mine is Geekygee your will be different.

So from now you can find any Wi-Fi password using this method from your computer without any software.  As you saw we only used 2 CMD commands and that’s it.

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