Free SRS-XB30 Speaker on Sony Xperia XZS Pre Order

Sony’s flagship Xperia XZs Premium still has a lot of time to hit the market but they have announced their first offer. If you really feel like to buy this smartphone when it releases then you should pre-book it. Because then you will get SRS-XB30 speaker free when you get it.

The phone itself already in the eye of every gadget geek because of its 960 frames per second slow motion video capturing capability. This phone also launching before its higher version Xperia XZs premium which might come with QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 835 processor.

So if you really want to go with Xperia XZS then you can pre-book it and get free sony SRS-XB30 speaker. But this offer is only available for specific regions. Because the phone will launch for Germany, Italy, and Netherlands. So if you live in these countries and think to buy this phone because of it’s magnificent camera then you should pre-book it on

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