How to Complaint An Auto Rickshaw Driver For Refusal, Overcharging or Misbehaving

Have you ever face any issue with auto rickshaw or taxi? Such as refusal, overcharging, misbehaving, harassing etc. Most of us daily face these problem and we just don’t know how to deal with these type of situations. But after reading this article you will know your rights and you can easily deal with these type of auto rickshaw and taxi drivers.

We daily face refusal problem but we don’t react on this because we know we will get another auto rickshaw. But when it comes to overcharging and not going with the meter then you should take action. There are many ways government has given to us to complain these type of auto and taxi drivers.
I know most of us don’t even know what they should do in these type of situation. You can take action without going to traffic police. There are many ways like the online complaint, complaint via SMS, toll-free call for complaint etc. we will see all the ways to complaint auto rickshaw or taxi. Which is refusing you to take your destination, refusing to go with the meter, misbehaving, harassing or overcharging etc.

All the ways to complaint auto rickshaw or taxi

Before going to a complaint just remember one thing. When an auto rickshaw has an off duty board or his area board that’s time he can refuse to go to your destination. Because he is might be returning to home and only trying to get his route passenger. But if he doesn't have any board that is mean his on duty so he is not allowed to refuse you.

It is your right to complain any auto rickshaw who is not following their duty honestly. Always make sure to take auto rickshaw/taxi number then you can take action against him by any method given below.
  • Phone Call: you can phone call to Delhi police or auto/TSR complaint number 011-42400400/41400400.
  • SMS: I think it is the best and fastest way to complaint any auto rickshaw or taxi. You just have to SMS REF/OVC/MIS/HAR Vehicle number Location time and send it to 56767
  • REF: If a taxi/Auto rickshaw refusing to go or refusing to go with meter
    OVC: If an auto rickshaw driver is overcharging.
    MIS: If an auto rickshaw misbehaving with you
    HAR: If an auto rickshaw or taxi driver harassing you.
    Example of SMSREF DL RC 1234 Darya ganj 4:30pm> to 56767
  • Facebook: you can also complain via Delhi traffic police Facebook complaint page. Just write the auto rickshaw number.
  • Delhi Police website: Just go to and fill the complaint form and submit.
  • Email: If you have vehicle number then you can email your complaint to
  • Mail: you can also mail a complaint card to deputy commissioner of police.  Traffic Police Headquarters, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi – 110011. This complaint card is available on any traffic booth and you can also download from your Delhi traffic police website.
After your complaint, they will take action against that auto rickshaw/taxi driver within 24 hours. They will also send you a message about the action taken against that auto rickshaw/taxi driver.

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