How to Play Super Mario Run on Android Phones and iOS

So finally the legendary game is back on your smartphone. But they have not ported the old Mario Bros into the android and iOS device. They actually created a new Mario game called Mario Run. Which is quite similar to old Mario but this time we have more features and Mario has more power.

If we talk about old Mario Bros It was the best and most popular game on Nintendo console. In the late 80s and 90s when super Mario Bros was launched every kid and the young guy used to play this game. Even in the early 20s, people were playing this game on gaming cafe.

After so many years finally, they released their first official Mario game on mobile gaming platforms. Don’t know what took them so long to decide Mario for android and iOS devices never mind.
Now Mario Run is released for iOS devices. You can also download and play this game on your iPhone, iPad etc.  If we talk about the game the game it is every addictive and anyone can enjoy this game. You don’t need any gaming skill the game is quite simple. Let’s disclose the feature of Mario Run.

What’s So Different in New Super Mario Run

Though this game has a whole new world that we have never seen but You will also see many different features in this game. So let's see all those features.

  1. Mario will run automatically
  2. Mario run on android
  3. Mario will also automatically vault over small obstacles and over small enemies too.
  4. mario run on iOSmario Run features
  5. The longer you touch the higher you will jump.
  6. mario run game
  7. You can Jump while vaulting over enemies to pull off some cool moves.
  8. mario run
  9. If you make a mistake, Mario will not die in fact it will pop into a bubble and you can try again.
  10. mario run features

How to Play Super Mario Run on IOS devices

if you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod then you are eligible to play this game. you just have to click and download Super Mario Run from iTunes. The game is free but makes sure your iOS device version should be 8.0 or above. The game needs about 350Mb space after installation. 

How to Play Super Mario Run on Android

Sadly Mario Run is not launched on android right now but Mario Run will release on the android platform in January 2017. So don’t get scammed or fool by fake Mario Run Clones APK.

Almost every guy who played old Mario Bros wants to play this game. Because Mario Bros has already created a buzz, so you are going to see many fake Mario Run APK on many sites. Just ignore those because you will be able to download Mario Run on android next month. It is absolutely free for iOS users and it will be free for android devices also.

Don’t find ways to play this game like iOS emulators. Because the truth is there no iOS emulator for android phone. So relax all android users just wait 14 days more to play Mario Run on android.

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