How to Share Android Screen on Another Android Phone

Guys today one of our readers asked a trick to Share Android screen on another android. He wants to teach some tricks to her girlfriend using his phone screen. So she can understand some tricks easily by accessing the shared screen on her android phone. So then she doesn't need to reading his message and then follow those steps.

Actually there are many things we want to show to our friends. Our some friends don't even know how to enable developer mode, make ringtones from any song, edit photo etc. That is why if you can share your phone screen then you can show the steps and it will be really easy to understand the steps.
That is why I will show you a very useful app in which you can share your screen with another android device. So it is like Team viewer where we share PC to PC screen but in this tutorial, we will do mobile to mobile screen share. You can also voice chat while showing accessing or sharing the screen. You don't have to be on same Wi-Fi, You can use this app even if your friend is in america and you are in dubai via mobile data. So let's understand this really simple tutorial.

Share Android Screen with Another Android

To understand the steps easily let's give the name to

Sharing the screen phone = Phone S
Accessing the shared screen phone = Phone A
  • First of all download and install the inkwire screen share app on both android devices.
  • Now open the app on Phone S and tap on SHARE. You will see a 12 digit access code which you have to share with the Phone A. You can send the 12 digit access code on any messenger you are using like WhatsApp, facebook, hangout etc.
  • Share android screen share access code
  • Now open the app on Phone A and tap on ACESS and write the 12 digit access code given by Phone S and tap on ACCESS.
  • access android screenenter access code
  • After that within a second Phone A user will see Phone S screen on his display. Both devices can also do voice chatting while screen share for better understanding.
  • enjoying android screen
  • That's it now Phone S user can show whatever he want to show or teach to Phone A user. 
So with this awesome app, you can access another android screen on your device and understand whatever your friend want to show you or you want to show to your friend. If you want us to write an article for you just comment below and may be we will write next article on your problem.

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Great Guide. I have been searching for this type of guide from 2 days. thank you.


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