How to Trace Mobile Number Location, Owner name & other Details

Someone time we get the call from unknown number and we don’t know who that was. No problem you can find person location, telecom operator he is using, his email id, name, and if you are lucky you might see his/her face as well. Sometimes our friends call us with the unknown number to make a prank. Sometimes we get really bad calls from an unknown number in both cases you can find details of that number.

Guys, I have few ways to deal with threatening calls and unknown calls who try to disturb you. But right now I have a simple solution in which you will get number details only. If get these details then at least you know, who is calling from where? Then you can tackle the situation on your own. So let’s see the procedure.
Trace mobile number

Trace Mobile Number Location & Other Details

If you are using mobile then you can install the truecaller app and whenever someone calls from an unknown number you will see his/her name. but if you are using computer/laptop then you can go to

  • Now just write the number you want to trace and press enter. 
  • After that sign in with Microsoft account or Google/Gmail account.
  • Then you can see details like mobile operator, owner name, email id, and location of the mobile number. You might also able to see his photo as well.
  • Though you won't get the exact location of the number but you will see who is the owner of the number and in which state/city he lives in.
Hope you like the tutorial and understood how you can trace a mobile number location and other details. if you have any confusion you can comment below and ask the solution.

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