Debit Card Fraud Alert ATM Users - Beware of Fake Banking Calls

Your ATM card which also known as debit card might be in danger of losing your hard earned money. If you have not known about fake banking call from scammers, Pretending to be a bank executive and saying “your ATM card is getting close are you willing to continue it?”

In some cases, people get calls, in which scammers says “your ATM card is getting a free upgrade then you will be able to withdraw more money from ATM machine”.

We all know our country is moving towards cashless transactions. Most people who have bank account also has ATM card and those who don’t have ATM card are applying for it. So scammers know it is their peak time to scam innocent people as much as they can, using their ATM card details.

How Fake Banking calls Try to Get Your ATM Card Details

They have many ways because they just think about scamming so they always create new scams. But what we are seeing right now is two.

Case 1: 

A scammer will call you and says: Sir we are calling from your bank ( the fact of the matter is he don’t even know your bank name, they just call on random numbers) your ATM card/Debit card is getting close, do you want to continue it?

Case 2: 

In this scenario, the scammer will call you and says: congratulation sir you are getting free ATM card/Debit card upgrade. So then you will be able to withdraw more cash from ATM machine. Do you want this free ATM upgrade?

In both cases, the most unaware victim always says:  Yes sir of Couse.

Scammer: OK sir can tell us your full name and confirm your ATM card number (he says that to get your ATM card number and your name)

Victim: he tells his ATM card number

Scammer: can you confirm your ATM CVV number and expire date.

Victim: now victim tells his CVV number and expire dates

Now scammer just uses any online wallet service or any online shopping service and enter Victim ATM details in these sites. Then victim receives an OTP so scammer tries to ask that too to take the money from victim account. In some sites scammer don’t even need your ATM 4 digit PIN.

Scammer: we have sent you an OTP just confirm the code.

Victim: Even though that SMS clearly says, never share your OTP with anyone. The victim shares his OTP code.

That’s it victim is scammed by the scammer in no time. In both cases, if you didn’t notice the scammer didn’t even know the victim and not even his name. In some cases, they know the name from some old call data. The victim said everything to scammer from name to OTP and in some cases, they even tell their 4 digit PIN.

How to protect yourself from Fake Banking Calls

Always remember banks never calls they always send the letter to your registered address. I think you know what you should do but let me tell just summarize you.
  1. Do not share your ATM card details with anyone.
  2. Never Show your ATM card to anyone because physically ATM only works in ATM machine. But with details, it can work with any online shopping and online wallet sites.
  3. Do not share your OTP with anyone even if he is calling from bank or RBI. Bank never ask OTP and ATM card details.
  4. Just ignore the Call/SMS/Email when they ask about your ATM card, Mobile banking or Internet banking details.Never reply to SMS/Email/Calls when they scare you or give you offers for free. like closing your bank account, ATM card, credit card, internet banking or upgrading your account, ATM card, credit card etc for free.
  5. If you are using Mobile banking then never ever share your mPIN or phone sim with anyone. Beware of sim cloning.
  6. Make sure you change your 4 Digit PIN in every 3rd 4th ATM transaction. 
  7. Never shy to hide your typing hand when you type your PIN in ATM.
Though I already said Just ignore these type of calls but if you have some time to time pass just play with the scammer. Make sure you don’t let him questioning you. The only person should question is only and only you, ask any question without disclosing your details. For example
  • When they ask to confirm your name that means they don’t know your name, just tell some fake name.
  • When they tell your ATM card is getting close or upgrade. Just ask which Bank ATM I have 2 3 banks ATM cards. Just let him guess, if he guesses the incorrect bank you caught the scammer if he guesses correct bank still he is a scammer 100%. 
  • Then you should ask from which branch are you calling. He might reply I am from the call center. Still, you should force him to tell your branch location before next question. If he refuses to tell then it’s up to you how you can play with him more because I don’t have anything else in my mind.

I Have Shared my Debit card Details with Someone What should I do?

The most recommended option is to block your debit card/ATM card as fast as you can. If you can't go to your branch just talk with your bank customer cares they will help you to block your ATM card.

My Balance is Deducted by Scammers

You still have some chances to restore your amount that was deducted by scammers. Just call your bank customer care or reach your bank branch and explain the problem. They will try to undo the transaction made by scammers. 

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If you have more suggestions to stop these type of fraud don't ignore this topic and make sure to mention your points in a comment. Always remember sharing means caring don't forget to share this article because everyone needs to know these type of scams so they can protect their hard earned money. 

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