All Ways to Get Free Reliance 4G Jio Preview Offer SIM Card

UPDATE: All 4G phone can get free reliance 4G sim with preview offer of unlimited everything

So you also want Free jio 4G sim? we will talk about that but first just tell me one thing. How many of telecom or broadband operators provide this kind of offer with that much of speed. Most of us subscribed for more than 1000rs per month plans just for the internet and that plan also has a FUP cap. They cut off the speed when we cross that limit. For example, if one subscribes for 40gb data and when he cross that data. Either his net starts eating balance or stop working or decrease the internet speed.

Jio is the only one telecom operator right now. which is allowing us to get unlimited 4G data, unlimited calling, unlimited video calling and unlimited messages. what else we want. I know it's only valid for 90 days and when this company releases their commercial. They might also stop this preview offer.
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Calculation of Monthly Internet and Call Expenses

Heavy user: A heavy users always use the faster speed. At least 4 Mbps which is not cheap they have to pay at least 2000 rs for that kind of  speed plan with more data FUP. 
If someone is heavy call user then they always go above 1000 rs per month

Average user: As I said most of us broadband users subscribe for an average of 1000 rs per month plan which gives us 2 Mbps speed and when our limit finish our speed decrease to 512 Kbps.
Average user like me monthly recharges with around 250 rs per month

Light user: These users are mostly those who are subscribed for 512 Kbps speed and it cost less than 700 rs per month.
A light user might call little less 100 rs per month.
Light user Average user Heavy user
Internet cost 700 1000 2000
Calling cost 100 250 1000
Total cost of one month 800 1250 3000
Total cost of 3 months (x3) 2400 3750 9000

So now you can see the expenses of all 3 types of users. Even if you are a light user your 3 months expense is 2400 rs. But Jio is offering you 90 days unlimited data for free. You will get an lyf phone under 3000 and after 3 months you can sell if you want. But if you want more ways to get jio sim keep reading.

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All Ways to Get Free Reliance Jio SIM card

There are many ways to get Free Jio preview offer SIM card. But some people might know only a few so, I have decided to show you all the ways to get free jio sim card.

Get invited by Reliance Employee

Reliance allows their employee to refer anybody to give a free jio sim card with unlimited calling, data, SMS etc. So if you have any friend who works for reliance then just get referred by him you will get jio sim card for free. But if you don't have any friend from reliance then try to find on facebook and just convenience him/her to refer you so you will get the jio sim. If he/she doesn't convenience just offer them some gift or money then they might refer you. Try your way to convenience any reliance employee to refer you.

Buy Lyf mobile to get Free Jio 4G Sim for unlimited data 

The best way is just to buy cheapest LYF brand mobile. You will get a Jio 4G sim card with it. You can buy their cheapest model which is priced 2999 Rs. It's a cheapest 4G mobile you can get. Ram and processor are weak but you will get unlimited 4G data so you can take it as wifi hotspot. 

Just think even if you pay for any 2 Mbps connection it will also cost you 1000 rs per month but you will not get unlimited data. They will add FUP on that plan also. But on this product, you will get unlimited 4G speed data. Speed will be super fast that you might not have seen on any Indian connection. 

It's not about just 4G data you will also get the free voice, video calling, unlimited SMS for 90 days all over India. As we saw even a light user also subscribe for 700 rs plan per month so for 3 months it will be 2100 rs and if you add 100 rs calls per month 3 month will cost you 300 rs. So 2400 rs and you will also get a mobile. Which you can use as a secondary mobile or wifi hotspot. It's a good deal for dongle users who subscribe to the limited data plan for an expensive price.

It's a future-proof deal because Jio price will be a lot cheaper than any other wireless internet provider company.

Subscribe For JioLink Indoor WiFi to Get Free Jio 4G Unlimited Data

Jio is offering indoor wifi in your home or offices. They will place a unidirectional antenna on your roof or terrace building and wifi router will be placed inside of your home / office. Router will be connected with that antenna with Cat5 or Cat6 cable. This 4g hotspot will allow you to enjoy 4G internet without dropping the speed.

But keep in mind you will only get unlimited data not call and SMS. You can subscribe to this offer by visiting the reliance digital store or calling to reliance jio Toll-Free Number 1800-88-99999.

Buy HP Product to Get Free reliance jio SIM

If you own any HP desktop or laptop then HP will send you an invitation email with the unique referral code. Just print that mail and take your one photo and 2 id proof to reliance digital store. They will give you a JioFi 2 hotspot device for 2899 Rs with reliance jio sim with unlimited data only.

Buy Any 4G Supported LG mobile to get free JIO SIM

Now Reliance has announced giving free sim for all Lg mobiles that support 4G network. so if you have nay LG mobile. you will get the 90 days unlimited 4G data and voice call with unlimited SMS. you can check the complete detail post on how to get reliance 4G sim for LG and Samsung mobile.

Buy Any 4G Samsung Mobile to Get Free Jio SIM

Now Samsung also introduced a cheaper phone which you will get with free jio sim card. So now you don't need to spend 15 to 50k for just getting free jio sim card by Samsung way. Just buy any Samsung mobile which supports LTE/4G network and visits reliance store with unique code generate by myjio app.

If you buy any mobile from this list then you will be allowed to get a free sim. But if you buy any other Samsung mobile then you won't get jio sim so make sure if you are looking for Samsung mobile then must think twice if you want to enjoy unlimited data, calling and SMS for 90 days/ 3 months.

Note: The offer won't available for long once the jio commercial launch this 90 days offer will finish and they won't give this offer to anyone after that. But those who already got the sim can enjoy their full 90 days of unlimited everything.

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Signal not showing...
After call customer care:
your number is not ready for tele-verification..
Can You please tell me why i face this problem...?


your documents is in process wait 48 hours after you receive the sim to get the tele verification message.


My phone is HTC desire 820g plus dual sim.jio4gb sim got activated bt I got no signal.if i change preferred network to 4g/3g/2g also its stuck oly to WCDMA.wil Jio4gsim will work on my phone any better solution bro. Pls reply me humble request


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