3 Tricks to Unban Your Banned Pokemon GO Account

If you can't collect Pokeball from Poke stop and Pokemon is running away from you. Tha is mean your Pokemon Go account is soft ban. In this tutorial, I will show you three tricks to unban Pokemon Go account.

A lot of people started using fake GPS when the play Pokemon go on PC or any mobile. Because they don't want to walk all over the city for catching Pokemon. They show their location too far from their actual location. For example, I live in new Delhi and suddenly I change my location to new york then I am just asking for a ban. So even when you are using fake GPS play the game like a real human who can't fly Delhi to new york within a second.
Unban Pokemon Go
That's why always fake your location within your city or the location Pokemon Go have selected when you started the game. Even if you going to change the location make sure you change at the speed a car can travel to that location in reality. Pokemon Go can ban your account on activities which look fake to them. so make sure don't over do these fake GPS and always jumping here there in the map.So that's the precaution now let's see the solution if you are ban now.

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Unban Your Pokemon Go Account

Always play Pokemon go safe and never get banned in Pokemon go even if you are cheating in Pokemon go. But If your Pokemon Go account is banned then you have only three ways to unban your account and play again the game.

Unban Pokemon GO Account By Changing the Account and Reinstall

  • First of all, log out to your actual Pokémon Go account.
  • Now make a new account and again log out from your new account.
  • Then uninstall the Pokémon Go game.
  • Wait for 1 hour and then again reinstall the game again from Google play or apple store.
  • Now when you log in with your actual account ban will be lifted from you and you can play Pokémon go again safely.
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Unban Pokemon GO manually

  • Open the game and go to any poke stop near you. 
  • You can use fake GPS or you can walk there.
  • Then tap on poke stop and spin it then tap on x button
  • Again tap on the poke stop and spin it then again tap on x button
  • You have to repeat this process for 50 to 60 times
  • Then you will be unbanned automatically

Unban Pokemon Go by QuickSpin

The Quickspin is a tool which works only on windows pc. This tool can unban google and ptc uses. it uses rocketAPI. This tool will automatically do all the process that you have to do manually in the trick number 2 tapping poke stop then stop again and again.
  • Download the Quickspin and extract the file in a new folder
  • Now just double click on QuickSpin.exe and follow their instructions.
  • It will unban your Pokemon Go account
If you don't want to use quickspin. You can use any kind of macro recording app which auto touch your screen after recording your touches you want. For example HiroMacro it's a good app i used to use it for clash of clans base searching.

If you still unable to unban your Pokemon go account just comment below we will reply you soon with the solution.

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i can unban but right when i come to play it soft bans me again


ya you can redo this process and always make sure you are not jumping here there in the map just walking and running is fine but teleportation is way to banning your account


I can't log in to use this method. I get the message "unable to authenticate try again later@ Quick spin didn't work either.


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