How Not to Get Banned in Pokemon Go While GPS Spoofing - Tips

Almost 70% of the people using GPS spoofing on Pokémon go. Those who comes in 30% are walking here there in the city. The Pokémon Go developers also want that everyone come out from the house and plays the game normal way.  But those who don’t want to leave the house just for catching virtual friction creature. Play Pokémon go on PC without walking anywhere. That does not mean that they are not fit or anything else. But walking all around the city just for a game looks wired to me also. I also don’t play Pokemon go the normal way I just add joystick on Pokemon go and change the character location by the onscreen joystick.
pokemon go speed

But After the latest update, Pokémon are way more strict on us. Now if we do something inhuman like changing location too fast like an iron man and superman. Pokemon Go will show a warning that “you are going to fast” Pokemon go should not be played while driving. But if you continue does that they will soft ban you. Before people were getting banned without warning but now at least they can see a warning message so they can control themselves and save their account.

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How Not to Getting Banned in Pokemon Go Tips

Point one: Just don't change location which looks unrealistic. Like yesterday you were playing in new Delhi and today you are in Sydney.

Point two: Don't play the game while you are driving. Even you should not use the phone while driving. Just play safe play like a human you will be good.

Point three: Don't hold the gym by interesting Pokemon egg. The egg has no CP and moves so no one can battle to kick out of the gym. Some people using modified Pokemon go with hacked Pokemon Go apk and now Pokemon will ban these users as well.

But if you did these mistakes and your Pokemon Go account is banned then you won’t able to collect poke ball from poke stop. All Pokémon will run away from you. So you can’t catch them even if you have many poke balls. So if it happened to you. Just don't worry there are 3 tricks to unban your Pokemon go account.

So just don’t travel all around the world in Pokemon play like a real human does. You will be safe on Pokemon go no one will ban you. Even if you are using any fake GPS app to spoof your location in Pokemon go.

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