How You Can Message US President Barack Obama

Not everyone can meet Barack Obama but now everyone can message Barack Obama like you do to your friends. The white house has announced that the people can message to Barack Obama. The service is available for Facebook you can go to page or just find the White House on your messenger app to leave a message for Obama.

After entering your message you have to confirm the text and that’s it. The technology is at its peak even people like us now connected to us president. IF anyone wants to convey their issue or problems to Obama. If they thought your issue is serious they will help you.
Every night president Barack Obama read 10 letters sent to him on twitter daily since 2009. Barack Obama wants to stay connected with people all around the country than just some area. In 1880 white house started the process of receiving phone calls and in 1994 they started the website which allows us to submit our messages.

How to message barrack Obama

  • First of all
  • Now click on message 
  • It will pop up a Facebook chat bot. which give you command just write your message and hit enter.
  • message Barack Obama
  • Now chat bot will ask you got it. Is that your whole message? Just click yes if it is else no.
  •  Facebook chat bot will again ask for confirmation to submit the message or not just click yes if you don’t want to change the message.
That’s pretty much it but chat bot will keep asking some more question which will help them to record your details and attach with the message. Though they always have the full information but it's just for confirming.

Technology changed and they are trying their best to stay In touch with people who voted him to become the president of the most powerful country in the world the United States of America.

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