Best Pokemon Go Bot For PC Autoplay August 2016

Pokémon Go becomes so popular that within 1 month of this game launch. Many developers have created more than 10 thousand tools and many Best Pokémon GO bot for this awesome game. Every Pokémon Go gamer wants to level up as quickly as possible. There is only one way to level up quickly just keep on play the game farm poke stops and catch the Pokémon then transfer to the professor and earn candies. Evolve Pokémon’s and increase their CP and HP that’s it.

You can do all of these stuff whole days, month and years but if I say a robot can do these all things for you. Anytime when you are busy with something else? I have also heard that some of Pokemon addicts quit the job for catching Pokemon so this article is special for them. They can  Just start the Pokémon go bot and leave it and just do whatever they want to do. A Pokémon go bot can level up your character faster than you do. Don’t take it this line as your insult but you know machines and software can do digital works faster than us.
best pokemon go bot
That is why I researched some of the best Pokémon go bot for your computer. Most of the bots work only on windows so if you are using mac just install the windows as secondary os using dual boot method or just run the windows on mac virtually. Without wasting time let’s just jump to the main topic.

Best Pokemon Go BOT for PC

There are so many bots available for Pokemon go. All the Pokemon go bots does the same job but those which has the most features are best for me. Those which give us ability to customize are the best for me. you can just turn on any of the Pokemon go bot listed below and do your other important works like going school/office etc,  The bot will do all the work for you and increase your experience and Pokemon CP. As I said all the bots are coming for Pokemon go are same with a different user interface their main goal is to catch Pokemon and increase your EXP and Pokemon CP. But that's not the end they have many more features just check below.

Pokemon Go bot Features
  • All of these bots are FREE and easy to use and customize
  • No need of any emulator and Pokemon GO apk or ipa file
  • Auto farming on poke stops stations
  • Catching Pokémon and evolve them
  • Transfer the bad Pokémon’s
  • Throwing berries and useless items
  • Use best Pokeball possible
  • You can see all the actives in logs window and stats window
  • Your character will walk like a real human so no risk of soft ban
  • You can change the speed of your Pokemon character
  • Auto uses the items and uses incubators and use lucky Egg when evolving Pokémon’s for best EXP rate.
All of these bots has a user interface and you will get the best Pokemon bot experience and increase your level faster.


It is the best poke Pokémon Go bot for the computer. It's like bot playing Pokemon go on PC. You can use this bot all day long to farm PokeStops and catch Pokémon’s, and evolve them and transfer the bad Pokémon’s to the professor. The bot is still in beta test so as the days and weeks pass. You will see more improve versions. Though the product is in beta even then it's better than many bots. So don’t take doubt on the capabilities of this bot it can do all the work you can imagine to with it.
Pokebuddy Bot

How to Play Pokemon Go automatically with PokeBuddy

  • First of all download the Pokebuddy Bot
  • After downloading the poke buddy to your computer just extract the PokeBuddy.rar file
  • Now go to the extracted poke buddy folder and double click on PokeBuddy.exe
  • After some updates, it will ask you login username If you don't have poke buddy account just create account and Login with that.
  • You will see the poke buddy dashboard just click on Settings and add your Pokemon Go account and click on done. If you are using google account just check the google account and leave it unchecked if you are using PTC account (Pokemon trainer club)
  • login pokebuddy
  • Once again go to settings and walk settings and change your walk speed to 10km/h for safe play and never get ban in Pokemon go even using this bot.
  • Now change the latitude and longitude. If you don't know your location coordinates(latitude and longitude) just check your coordinate and enter the latitude and longitude value and click Done.
  • Now just click Start and enjoy Pokemon go on autoplay using poke buddy bot.

Though you can change a lot of things in poke buddy settings and set Pokemon go bot to play your game as you want all day long.

My Poke Bot

It’s another Pokemon go bot which is as good as poke buddy. You can do all sorts of the Pokemon stuff automatically on your PC without installing any emulator or use Pokemon go apk. You can catch unlimited Pokemon's with this bot and increase Pokemon CP. You will get Merchandises automatically for free without spending your money at pokestop stations.

How to Play Pokemon Go automatically using MyPokeBot

  • First, download the MyPokeBot and install it on your PC
  • After installing it successfully open the bot
  • Now it will ask your Pokemon go login credentials just enter that
  • Before press start button make sure to check walking speed and your actual coordinates if you don't want to get soft banned.
  • After that, you can click start or set the mypokebot the way you want to auto play.
Right now these are the only bots are working flawlessly for FREE. More bots are coming just keep check the article for latest best Pokemon go bots.

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