Best Android Emulators For PC to Run Any Android Game App

I know a few years back it was tough to run any android game app smoothly. Though there was an emulator called bluestack, But it’s also used to lag on many core 2 duo PC. But now there are many android emulators most of them are good but there only few whom we call best android emulators.

You can play any android game app on these emulators any games. You can also play those games which need sensor or gyroscope. You can also connect your PlayStation controller to play any HD games.

But before you think too much let’s talk about what spec you must have to run smoother. The minimum requirement is a 2 core processor at least 2 GB ram and a good graphic card. It is the minimum requirement that you must have. You can’t blame any emulator if your system is weak. How can a scooty pull a train they need a powerful engine to pull it.
Best Android emulator
Though this generation PC can run any emulator. Maybe in future, these PC will run the ps3 emulator. Let’s see which are the best Android emulators for PC.

Best Android Emulators For PC

These all emulators are tested on a core 2 duo E4500 with 2 GB ram PC with r7 240 GPU. Then these emulators tested on FX 6100 with 4 GB ram and HD 7770 GPU. Both the PC gave good experience and I can say if you have similar or above specification PC. You can run these emulators and play any Android games on PC you want. Though these emulators require less powerful hardware. But for good experience you must need good configuration PC.

MEmu - The Most Powerful Best Android Emulator

MEmu emulator
The emulator is not so popular some of you may be seeing this name for the first time. But let me tell you guys once you install this beast on your PC. You can play any and I mean any android game app on your computer. I have tested more than 10 android emulators but none of those gave me experience that this emulator gave. When I didn't know about the MEmu I used to consider Droid4x the best android emulator but since the day I install it on my PC nothing better than this.

The user experience of this emulator is too good all the controller you need are aside of the emulator window. You can easily access these features 

Key Features of MEmu

  • It can emulate Android 6.0 (Kitkat), Android 4.2 (Jellybean)
  • You can customize the power of emulator by changing the amount of CPU core, memory, resolution
  • Pre-rooted so you can run any app that requires rooting
  • Easily accessible tools and features
  • It takes less time compare to other for startup
  • Inbuilt screenshot capture tool
  • Change screen rotation and shake screen
  • Easily clean up the ram to free the ram for low ram PC
  • Record Operation to make any gameplay by Bot
  • Install all the apps on your phone that you have installed on MEmu 
  • Customize the device by changing Device model, nav location, and root mode
  • Mapping the keyboard/joystick for touch screen games with better gaming experience
  • Playing Sensor games by using any Android phone as a controller
  • GPS location simulation
  • Copy paste from windows to MEmu
  • File sharing with Windows and android
  • Fast apk installation by just dragging and dropping
  • Create multiple emulators with the version you want from 4.0 to 5.1
Though it is the emulator with the highest performance and greatest compatibility. But let's see the Minimum Requirement you need to run MEmu on your PC.

- Windows vista/7/8/8.1/10
- Any multi-core Intel or AMD CPU
- Graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0+
- 2GB free space on your HDD

Droid4x Best Android Emulator

droid4x emulator
Droid4x is as competitive as MEmu both gives the same user experience but MEmu has extra features. Though I still believe Droid4x is far better android emulator compare to other emulators. Droid4x is still in beta version so it might take some time to come up with more feature to become the number one Android emulator. But this emulator already made his name and stand above from those emulators which are in the race for 3 4 years.

Key Features of Droid4x

  • Change Screen resolution
  • Click to shake screen
  • Play sensor games using Android as controller
  • GPS simulation
  • Drag and drop the entire folder
  • Allow copy pasting from windows to droid4x
  • Install any apk by dragging and dropping
  • Mapping Keyboard/Joystick keys to play android games
  • You can also customize emulator if you have extra cores and ram by increasing the virtual ram and processor
  • Emulator is already rooted so you can run any app that needs root permission
The emulator is good but for it needs more power for stable performance lets the Minimum requirement of Droid4x.

- Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
- Any multi-core Intel or AMD CPU
- 1 GB Graphic card
- 2 GB RAM
- 2 GB Free space in hard disk

Bluestack Android Emulator

bluestack emulator
One of the most popular and used android simulator by computer users. Its old name and everybody knows bluestack was the first android emulator for windows. But blustack didn’t notice that they need some major improvement so they did at the end but now MEmu and droid went above it because of their fast updates and improvement. Though bluestack 2 is same like these with its own flavor. But one important feature they made that now we can run multiple apps on bluestack 2.

Key Features of Bluestack

  • Run multiple apps without closing them and access them again with just one click.
  • Shake the screen
  • Use Android as controller
  • Key mapping to play Android games with PC keyboard or controller
  • Install apps by drag and drop
  • Change screen resolution
  • GPS simulation to show fake location
  • Take screenshot without any third party app
Bluestack System Minimum Requirements

- Core 2 Duo PC with Windows vista/7/8/8.1/10
- 2 GB RAM minimum but 4GB for smooth performance
- 4 GB Free hard disk space

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