How to Change Wifi Name and Wifi Password in 2 Minutes

If you are bored with your default wifi name and want to change wifi name. Then you should follow this post. Today I will show you 2 things at the same time, changing wifi name and wifi password. Both are important for a wifi user, maybe you don’t consider the importance of changing wifi password. Let us see some people thinking on this topic. They may be thinking that we have good speed even if we share our internet with some other folks, it won’t hurt us. Yes, it’s true if you shared the wifi only with your family and close friends.

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But if you are sharing the internet with strangers like some restaurant, cyber café, libraries does. Then it might be risky for you because most of the illegal work done by using someone else internet. So if anything bad happens police will come to you because your internet was used. So always change your wifi password and name if you want but it’s just optional important is password.

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If I tell you about myself, I also shared my wifi with my one neighbor but when I see some slowdown in the speed. Then I checked who is using my wifi? I found there were 8 people using my wifi but I only gave to one guy. So that’s how it goes that is why I always say change wifi password every month. For me changing wifi name is not as important as changing wifi password. But for you guys, i will show both because both have the same path.
Change wifi password

How to Change wifi Name and Password

First of all, check your wifi router from behind you will see the default gateway. It will look like, you have to enter that in your browser address bar and press enter. You will also see password and username on your wifi router.
wifi password
If you don’t anything on wifi router then try to look in the documentation of wifi router. If you lost that then just open command prompt and type “ipconfig” without quotes.
Now type that as it is in your browser address bar, then it will ask you username and password on your router enter that. If you don't know the username and password. Some router companies has default username and password as admin so try that.
default gatway
You can see your router settings now just find something similar to wifi or wireless, the Internet. Every wifi router companies have a different user interface, So I can't tell you exact steps. You will find it easily after exploring some tabs.
router dashboard
As you can see in the image SSID is a username and Pre-Shared Key is password. You can change it from here and save it that's it.
If you are still confused, you can leave your comments below, I will reply you and tell you the solution.

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