How To Upload GIF in Facebook with Android, Iphone or Computer

It's been a while Facebook and Google plus launched this animation image feature to their site and you're still figuring out how it works? Don’t worry you can get the right information in detail manner here.
After Google Plus Facebook also supporting animated images you can upload animated gif images on Google plus but if you upload same image on Facebook it will upload but will not animated a single frame it will work like a still image. So how others Facebook user keep post animated images in Facebook. Well they don’t actually upload the image to Facebook they just upload the image somewhere on image uploading sites and then copy the link and then paste on Facebook post. I will show you the method step by step.
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upload gif images in facebook
You can upload image on any image site or if you don’t have any animated image then just search on Google search engine it will show you many animation GIF images sites which provide these kind of images for free and some sites even has the sharing button so you can simply click the sharing button and it will automatically post on your timeline post. If you want to make your own animate gif image then you can use apps that creates those images or you can use Photoshop or simply just use some online services which makes gif images for free. Anyway let’s move to procedure of posting animated images on fb.

How to post Gif image on Facebook

  1. First find an animated image if you don’t have
  2. If you have the image then upload the image on or or any other.
  3. After uploading or finding the image just copy the image url for example make sure url finish with .GIF extension.
  4. animated image on facebook
  5. Now login to your Facebook account
  6. Then paste the image url
  7. upload gif in facebook
  8. Once the image appears you can remove the url and click publish.
  9. That’s it now your friends and follower can see animated image that you have just posted.
Gif images takes time to perform animation depends on the size and internet connection speed of the viewer so make sure posting images below 5MB above that might take some time to load and start the animation. If you face any problem don’t forget to write comments below we will definitely love to solve your problems.

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