How to allow only selected devices to access your wifi

Since android and high end mobiles market increased wifi users also increased. If you’re not agreed with me just scan for wifi hotspot. You can see whenever we scan for wireless connection most of the time we found wireless connection. So that’s mean Wi-Fi users increasing day by day all over the world. we all share our wifi password with our friends like in school or college or campus we share our Wi-Fi password and they share it with their friends and when they all uses the Wi-Fi together its slows down the actual user speed. Same thing goes for buildings and apartments when we share your internet with others.
 I also shared my wifi password with my friend but I found that few more guys using my wireless connection. You can also check who is using your wifi. So I changed my password and allowed only few devices to access Wi-Fi by their mac addresses. Now if any other also know my wifi password they can’t use it. Because I have restricted my wireless connection for only allowed mac address devices. You can also allow only those devices whom you know. It will save your data and money. So just use these simple steps and some of your intelligence.

Allow only the devices you know

  1. Just type and enter your username and password. Most of the time default username and password are admin or administrator.
  2. Now go to your wireless connection setting and you will see wireless mac address filter option or similar.
  3. Just activate the option and enter mac address of the device you wants to allow for access your wireless connection.
wireless connection
  • You know every modem/router has different control panel your might be different than mine. 
  • You can see mac address of a android phone in its setting>>about option.

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