How to check who is using your wifi

There are many innocent Wi-Fi users who pay their bills but they don’t know why their internet speed is slow even with high speed connection. There is no reason of slow speed until you have slow speed plan or any downloading running in background. You can see running internet applications on task manger. So the thing is If you pay for 4mbps or any speed plan then you should get the exact speed you have subscribed with. So why slow speed only because of some malicious people who are accessing your Wi-Fi connection without informing you or without your permission. If you gave them permission then it’s ok but if not then it’s stealing of your internet.
wifi stealer
You don’t want to pay bill for others so just be smart and stop these kind of stuff by following this post. I am going to show you a quick way to find out who and how many devices are using your Wi-Fi connection. But before starting let me clear some points. First point is that I am using a Wi-Fi modem model number dm 856w so my control panel will be differ than your modem or router. But our aim will be the same we want to see DHCP IP summary list. Where we can find mac addresses of devices which are using our wifi. I will show you the instruction so you can find in your modem or router control panel with little effort and knowledge.

Find Who's using your wifi

- Open any browser and type
- Now it will ask password and username. In most cases Password and Username would be same admin or administrator. but it may be different. you can check back panel of your modem there might be pass and username written on it.
- Next thing you have to do is find out DHCP options.
- In my case i found out on Interface setup>>LAN
If you see too many connection running over your Wi-Fi then it is the time to take some action and stop those people using your connection. You can simply change your password and improve Wi-Fi security by changing encryption method or allow only those mac address whom you know already by adding mac address under wireless mac address filter.

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