How To Do Android To Android Internet Sharing via bluetooth/Wifi

Android operating system is the best mobile operating system we ever used. Who thought that we will use these types of features that we have now even on low budget android phone or tablet. Big screen phone and tablets are available at low price. Some android tablet support SIM card and some not. But they mostly have 3g and Wi-Fi to connect to internet. Without internet you can’t utilize your android phone features if your android device have SIM card support capability then you can use edge or GPRS connection to enjoy internet.
android to android
But when we don’t have SIM card or even if we have and didn’t subscribe to internet our usage of phone is very limited we can call enjoy installed app and watch movies what I mean is we can only enjoy the stuff we have in our device. I know your thinking about 3g dongle but that will cost you a lot 10 times more than GPRS connection. But there is a simple way if you have Wi-Fi in your device. You can use your computer internet on your android device or you can use your friend or relative mobile internet on your device. Today I will show you simple way to get internet from other android to another android internet sharing.
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Android To Android Internet Sharing

Ok the procedure is very simple same as we share internet to computer but we have 3 method for sharing internet on computer. We can share android internet to computer via Bluetooth. We also can share via USB and Wi-Fi. But if you talk about android to android we have only two ways one is Bluetooth and another is Wi-Fi we are going to talk about both.

Share via WiFi

1. For android 2.3.6 or low version users
Open settings then press on wireless & networks then tethering & portable hotspot
For android 4.0 or up version users
Open settings then press on more
2. Check the box portable Wi-Fi hotspot
3. Now just click on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings or setup Wi-Fi hotspot and enter name of the connection
4. Click on security and chose WPA2 and enter password and click save.
5. Now turn on Wi-Fi on other device and scan for created hotspot network and when you find it just click on it and enter the password
That’s it enjoy internet on your device.

Share Via Bluetooth

1. Turn on the Bluetooth from both devices
2. Now go to advance settings of Bluetooth on the device which has internet.
3. Check the option Group Ad-hoc Network
4. Now scan for device and pair both device
5. Now press on paired device and hold for 1 sec and see if group ad hoc network checked if yes that’s it
6. Now enjoy internet on your both android devices.

Note: This method will work only for bluetooth ad hoc supported android devices which can create PAN network.

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