How To Set Window Media Player in Windows 8 As A Default Music/Video Player

windows 8 default playerWindows 8 has little different environment and look then windows 7. Windows 8 also has many different programs which are quite new for old xp and windows 7 users. We can’t adept them so fast like different video/music player different photo viewer. These all programs works nice on tablet but on pc they looks unadaptable because millions of users using some programs since they started using pc and they work very fine for them and they keep gets updated by Microsoft.
Windows 8 included different video and music player but some users prefer to use windows media player instead of new metro style app media player. Even I like to use windows media player and VLC that is why I am showing you ways to make windows media player as your default music and video player.

Make Windows media player default player

Well there are 2 method i am going to show you. Method 1 will only works for only one file type for example if you set default program for mp3 all mp3 file will be open with the default program. It won’t open other media files (mp4, avi, 3gp etc) with that selected program. If you want to open other media file type you should do the same procedure with other media file type as well. But Method 2 will set the default program for all media file types

Method 1: Only Works For Selected File Extension

Right click on any media file (For example mp3, mp4, avi etc)  whom you want to open with windows media player then go to Open with and click Choose default program
open with
Now select Windows Media Player
select windows media player
That’s it. Now your selected file type will be open with windows media player by default.

Method 2: Works For All Media Extension Files

Press ÿ + Run window will open write control panel and press Ok
When Control Panel window open. On the top right side you will see view by option just select Large icons or Small icons so it will show you all the control panel tools
view by
Now you will see Default programs open it
default programs
Click on Set your default programs
default programs
In the programs list scroll down and select Windows Media Player and then click on Set this programs as default.
windows player
That’s it. Now your all media files will be open with windows media player as default. If you wants to open few file types with windows media player just click on choose defaults for this program and then select file extensions you wants to open with windows media player.

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