How To Change All Files And Folder View Size in Windows 7, 8, Vista & 8.1

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 newbie users has same issue with folder and file view size some users tackle with it and some users change each folder view size one by one. Especially windows XP users whenever they migrate to windows 7 or 8 they like to have medium size folder icon. In windows XP all folder and file view size changes in one click. It’s also easy in windows 8 & 7 but only for one folder. So users change one folder view size and when they go to another folder they again do the same thing once again.
folder view size
It’s really frustrating and time consuming to change every folder one by one. But new users do not even try to find a way to change all folders because they think thats the only way and when they tired and sick of doing it again and again they try to find a way by searching Google. Many tutorial works and some won’t but don’t worry this tutorial will work for you with very simple and easy steps. You will never change folder and file view size again and again if you follow my instructions so let’s not waste any second and follow the given instructions.

Change all Folders & files View Size in Windows

Open any folder and right click move cursor  to view and select the size you want for all folder in your computer.
view size

Windows 7 and Vista Users

Now in the same folder you will see at top left corner Organize button click on it and click on Folder and search options
Windows 8 & 8.1 users have to click on View then Options and click on "Change folder and search options"
After that Folder Options window will be open now go to on View tab and click on Apply to Folders then it will ask you "Do you want all folder of this type to match this folders view settings?" click Yes and click Ok
folder options
Thats it now you don't have to waste your time to change folder size one by one for each folder inside your computer

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