How To Access Blocked Sites With Proxy & Free VPN Service

Some of the site has restriction for few countries they don’t specific countries to access their site. Don’t know the exact issue but they don’t allow other countries to access their site. Few countries restrict other country sites. The recent example of it is they blocked Indian users so Indian users can’t access this site. is a link shorter site which allow you to earn money as well by sharing its short links. Many Indian users lost their payment because of it. Even office, school and collages block some sites especially YouTube and Facebook so when you really need them these site they won’t work. You can still access these type of blocked site if it’s really important for you.
You can use proxy servers but I would recommend you to use hotspot shield. It’s a free proxy and VPN service software very useful to surf anonymously to any country site without any restriction. This software gives you many advantages like protected ip address, surf web anonymously, secure data and malware protection. What you have to do is just download it and install and whenever you want to access your favorite site turn on this software and start browsing any site anywhere freely without any restriction
There are two version available one is free version but it will show you ads and other is paid version which is ad-free.

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