How To Share Android Internet Via Bluetooth To Computer

We have many powerful mobiles around us with many features. They have 2g, 3g, 4g and Wi-Fi to access high and slow(only for 2g) internet on it.  Even if one want to share our mobile internet to pc/laptop/android. They can just do it with Wi-Fi tethering. It makes so easy to shares our internet to our friends and pc.
android bluetooth But there are times when ours pc doesn’t have Wi-Fi now you say we can do USB tethering but suppose if we don’t have that too? Then Bluetooth comes in our mind. Mostly we all have Bluetooth dongle in our computer. It cost just 2$ to 4$ and it’s the cheapest way to share android internet on pc.Many people say that it’s cheap thinking to share mobile internet on pc. I always reply to them there is nothing wrong to learn new tricks. You never know when you need it and there are not every guy earn enough money to subscribe internet plan to pc. They just enjoy their life with 2g network and when they need they use their mobile net in PC. Anyway that lets learn it.

Android Internet on Pc via Bluetooth

Before you start this make sure your PC has Bluetooth. If not buy a Bluetooth dongle for your Pc/laptop. It won't cost you more than 2$ to 4$. If its cost you more than 4$ i suggest you to avoid it and buy wifi adapter and check out my other post share android internet on PC via wifi. One more very important thing your phone should support Bluetooth ad-hoc network.
  • Connect your bluetooth dongle to PC and Allow other devices to find this PC from bluetooth settings
  • pc bluetooth settings
  • Now Turn on bluetooth of your android phone 
  • Go to Bluetooth setting >> Advance settings and check on Group Ad-hoc Network
  • Now Scan for devices it will show your PC click on it and make pair with it.
  • After that click on it again and check Group Ad hoc Network
  • Your PC will automatically create Group Ad hoc network
android on bluetooth android bluetooth settings bluetooth Group ad hoc scan other devies android bluetooth ad-hoc network
So now you can enjoy internet on pc with Bluetooth tethering with your android phone. I think it’s the simplest way to connect net on pc. hope you like it 

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