How To Use Internet From Pc To Android

Most of us has internet on our home pc. We also has high speed internet on it at least better than mobile phone internet. Pc internet plans are cheaper than mobile phone internet plans if we compare the speed of both pc and mobile internet speed. Almost we all are having GPRS/Edge/3g/Wi-Fi supported mobiles devices in our pocket. GPRs and Edge are cheapest way to connect your mobile with internet it cost 2$ a month at least in my city. But there is a problem with it it’s very slow we can’t download big files with it. if we reject them then 3G comes on our mind. 3G is the faster way to download huge file on mobile phone. But again one problem it’s expensive.
pc to android
There is no need to subscribe for mobile internet separately if you’re not on tour and enjoying your vacation out of town. There few ways to connect to internet without paying single penny for mobile internet. You can use your pc internet on your mobile phone. It’s very easy to share android device internet with pc. Don’t worry sharing pc internet with android device also easy.  But I think people still suffering to share pc internet with mobile phone. let me show you few ways to connect pc internet.

Share Pc Internet With Android Phone

Well right now there is only two ways to connect with pc internet Wi-Fi and USB. I know many people finding a way to share Pc internet to android via Bluetooth but they are not getting any success. You can only share your phone internet to PC but not opposite of it. Actually i am also trying to solve this puzzle. Whenever I get success i will share it with you guys.

Connect Via WiFi

Its the best way for non-root users and root users. Most of all android devices have Wi-Fi inbuilt. So you can simply create Wi-Fi hotspot and share your internet with your android device with it. If you don’t have Wi-Fi router in your pc then don’t disappoint you still can create Wi-Fi ad-hoc network and share LAN/wired internet via Wi-Fi without Wi-Fi router

Connect Via USB

This method only work for root users so if you want to use USB to get your pc internet in your android device you should root your android device before continuing this method.
  1. First setup your mobile go to Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging and check. Your phone should be rooted and has Superuser installed. Just uncheck notification in Superuser app from Preferences >> Notifications and uncheck.
  2. Now install your mobile ADB driver. Just take out your phone battery and put it back and turn on your phone and connect to pc. But don’t mount your SD card. It will auto detect your mobile ADB driver if it’s not installed before. If your pc can’t recognize your ADB mobile driver just download and browse manually
  3. Download Reverse Tethering 3.0.8 and Extract it.
  4. Run AndroidTool.exe and select device and DNS. If device not appears just click refresh. it will visible.
  5. Now click connect.
  6. Automatically usbtunnel app will be installed in your mobile and Superuser will ask permission just allow it and enjoy internet.
Note: There is newer version Reverse Tethering 3.8 working absolutely fine you won't get any problem. If you get any problem just click on debug tab it will tell you what to do and why it’s not working.

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