How To Create A Blogger Site/Blog - Advance Tutorial

Blogger is a free blog publishing service owned by Google. It allows Gmail/Google users to create their free blog/site with sub-domain of Users can use custom domain to customize their site address with top level domain like .com, .org, net and etc. This awesome site produced many professional blogger whose are earning from home. It’s a very simple and user-friendly platform to create a blog/site. Apart from professional bloggers average blogger also earning handsome money with blogger.
create blogger site
Many people started blogging for fun but now it’s their profession and they became pro. You also can join enjoy blogging you think it’s a hard work? I must tell you everything looks hard if you pre assume without trying. No one can become pro in a day. Every guy learns day by day and after some months blogging looks piece of cake especially for skilled people. People like us can take double or triple the time that pro bloggers has taken to become professional. Trying something to learn is not a crime quitting is a crime. So let me help you to teach creating BlogSpot/blogger site.

How to make a blogger site

  • Go to
  • Sign up or login if you have Gmail email id
  • Now click on New Blog
  • Write title of your site and address of your site. You can custom domain your site later.
  • Just select any template. We will change it later.
You have created a free site for you. Start posting useful content to get visitors. But it’s not the end its just the starting. you can do many more things.

Now you can modify your current template or add another one. Just search for “blogger template” on Google and you will get lots of free template site download any of your favorite templates and upload xml file on blogger.

How to change blogger template?

upload template bloggers
Go to template
Click on Backup / Restore and upload your xml file of template.
Click edit html remove all the coding and copy paste your xml file coding. You can open xml file via any text editor like Notepad, WordPad.

How to change title and description of site?

Go to settings and basic
You will see title and description edit from there

How to set comments setting on BlogSpot site?

Go to Settings > posts and comments
  • Under the comments you set everything you needed for commenting. You can set who can comment on your site recommend is anyone. You can set comment moderation to always especially if you are getting many comments a daily. If you’re not getting daily comments you can set it to never.
  • Same way you can use show word verification yes if you’re getting many comments and no if you’re not getting enough comment. It can save you from comment spamming.
  • You can show backlinks if you want but it’s not good for SEO prospective. but it can increase comments.
  • Comment form message you set it to tell your visitors what they should do and what they shouldn't include in comment. 
For example:
<b> Please add useful comment <b/> <br/>
<b> spam comment will be reject</b>

How to change blogger site language and time zone?

If you’re not an English user you can use different language and time zone.  Just go to settings >> language and formatting. Now select any language and time zone which you wants to use.

How to add Meta tags on your blogger site?

Blogger introduced Meta description tags feature on blogger. You can use it for setting up your site Meta description will be visible only to search engine and search result.
Just go to settings >> search preferences and under Meta tags field select yes and write your 160 words or less Meta description for your site/blog. write something which describe your site to search engine. You can add Meta description on every new post you published. Whenever you writing your post on right side just click on search description and write your 160 word Meta description for new post.

Set your crawlers and indexing for search engines

It’s the very important feature for your website you must use robot text in your site. Its tell to search spider to not to crawl everything on our site like archive, labels etc.
Robot.txt you should enable it from settings >> search preference and Crawlers and indexing click edit and yes  and copy paste the code below but replace the red text with your domain name.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Just below robots.txt you will see Custom robots header tags. You have to set it too. Click edit and yes and do as image shows below.
robots header tags

How to add a gadget/widget?

Go to layout and you will see add a gadget option there

How to create pages for your site?

Every site should have pages like about us, contact us, privacy and etc. To create it you need to go to pages and then click new page and blank page.

Custom domain for BlogSpot/Blogger site

You can use top level domain like .com, .org, .in and .net etc. if you don’t want to show your site address with sub-domain of For example you have site address after using custom domain it will look like or any domain you have bought for custom domain your BlogSpot site.
If you decide to use custom domain you have to verify your custom domain on blogger. It’s a verification process in which they verify that the custom domain name is owned by you and you have full control on domain name.
Now I think you learnt enough to blogging on blogger site. If you need more information from me you can leave comment below I would love to clear your doubts.

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Thanks this is amazing post i am really happy to surf your blogs and learn what you talk about blogs your provide good method for learning. You share nice information when i am starting blogging then i really consider them difficult , but you provide good method to learn blogging simple ways.thanks again


Really good info about blogging. I went through your blog and I have completed this section as explained. Such a good and informative things you had shared for us.

One point I want to noted that; not just because of SEO but there are various plugins in CMS platforms, that make it more professional and user-friendly. However, I find blogger more user-friendly for the non-technical person like me because of these QUICK SEO settings. Thanks for sharing.

We expecting much for the new and advanced information and thoughts from you. This post is an awesome and great source of information for a newbie.


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