What is Youtube copyright Music and Why You Should Not Use YouTube Library Music

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If you are also thinking why you should not use youtube library music then I will show you just keep on reading. First, let us discuss what is youtube copyright music.

Everyone knows about copyright music but lets me give a quick summary. The music that is owned by another person and only he have the right to copy that music is known as copyright music.

Many people use youtube free music and monetize their videos Because it is free and you don't have to fear of any copyright claim. Yes, it is true millions of people think that and they keep on do that. But do you see any professional channels who use this music, There are very rare cases who does that but they know what they are doing.

They always ask for permission and youtube also help them. Small channels like below 1 lakh subscribers are not that big enough whom youtube will save from copyright strikes.

Youtube Library Music gives copyright strikes & content id matched

Confused right? see these all songs are created by someone else and they still owns the rights. Even if they allowed you to use the music today. There is no guarantee that they won't change their policy next day or after a year.

Once they changed their policy you will get a youtube content id match strike and you will be in big trouble. If you used the same music on 3 videos or more. To be frankly that's the end of your youtube career. These copyright strikes will generate automatically right after they change their policy.

Because of the auto-generated strike, all strike will come at the same time, you will not see even a single second delay. Youtube will not give you chance to dispute the claim and instantly terminate your youtube channel forever.

Yes, it is the saddest truth some companies like Core Tunes and Indus music will become the reason for those strikes. These companies help copyright owners to generate revenue so they give copyright strikes to channels that is using their music and when the youtube channel dispute the claimed revenue will be transfer to the copyright owner.

How to protect yourself from Youtube Copyright strikes & Content id matched

Instead of using youtube library Just buy any copyright music license and monetize your video. Make sure they are giving you written permission to monetize your all youtube video. An email will not be sufficient you will need a written permission in pdf file or hardcopy anything. You never know when youtube might strike you and ask for the proof.

If you do that then your youtube channel will a lot safer than youtube free library music.

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