How to video chat without front facing camera on android device

Chatting with friends is the best way to spend time and make some fun with them especially if they are living far from you. Now there are many social sites for chatting like Facebook, Google+ and twitter etc. Most of the popular social networking sites has their own app for chatting with friends on your android mobile as well and not only just normal chat you can do video chat also with your friends.
android video chat
Some people buy mobile phone without having 3G support that’s mean they can’t video call on their phone because whenever you see a non 3G supported phone then it must not having a front facing camera. You’re thinking oh “I also don’t have front facing camera so I can’t do it”. But what I say is you can do it. Video chat without having front facing camera on your android device. You’re thinking how it’s possible it is possible because at least your phone has a camera. But there is a one more issue in it even if you can video chat with your primary camera you can’t see the person whom you calling.  But don’t worry I have figured out a trick to do it but it’s kind of funny but still useful.

Video chat without Rear Camera

There are two apps which can solve your problem the first one is popular Skype and second is tango both support video chat even without rear camera. You can download Skype from here or Tango from here. Now you’re thinking I solved your this problem but how will you see your friend if you keep focus the camera on your face the solution is a mirror use a mirror chat in-front of mirror its sounds funny but it will work guys your friend can understand your problem so it won’t be a matter for him and for you too. So now you can see your friend and he/she can see you because you’re in-front of mirror and your camera focus on mirror. Try it and tell me how’s the idea.

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