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Top 10 Android Music Players Of All Times

Music is one of the thing in our daily life whom every users listen they might not listen them often but they do listen when they alone. It makes you happy, sad, and emotional and many more things music can do. It's totally different feeling. To listen music you need a music player. Daily new music players come on android market but only few music players gets the success and popularity. The popularity and success only come when they have something unique and different feature than others. The popular android music players have done it already on android market and I am going to show that in my post.
android music players
There are many new android video players and music players in android market with new UI and features. They actually look very nice. But many of them still buggy and need to fix errors. But we all know every new stuff take time to improve if they got the capability to improve and make them unique they will join this club of top 10 music players. Let’s see top 10 android app for music listeners which are actually popular on android market right now.
poweramp1. Poweramp Music Player
It’s the most popular music player on android market. It is miles ahead from other music players. This app rated 251,402 times and got 196,702 times five stars from users reviews I don’t think there is any music app which got more than that. User interface also looks interesting in this app.
winamp2. Winamp
People already know winamp name because of desktop pc. It’s popular in pc world and now making their name on android mobiles as well. It’s the second favorite app i have found of android market. It has been rated 156,323 times and got  96,341 times five stars. You can play your pc music on fly with this app and access radio station
real players3. RealPlayer®
You might hear real player name many often in windows XP or vista generation. People still use it to stream live videos on rtsp and to listening live radio stations. That’s why its getting popularity in android worlds as well. It got 79,681 five stars from 121,220 rating that’s why it’s on third number of popular android music player. It’s not just a music player you can watch live videos on it via rtsp links
double twist4. DoubleTwist With Magic Radio
This music player comes with different user interface and skins. The user interface button looks real and hd.  It’s also available on desktop pc but it’s not popular on pc users. But on android it’s shown his class. It’s just behind the real player with 117,573 rating and 76,621 five star rating so far.
n7player5. N7player Music Player
The best thing of this music player is its unique user interface and multitouch wall album. You can browse your music with this app and listen with fun. I am sure if they keep updating this music player it will be come on top of all music players. Average rating also pretty awesome for this app 4.7 with 85,974 total rating and 67,998 five star rating isn't awesome.
musiXmatch lyrics plaer6. MusiXmatch Lyrics Player
It’s the number one lyrics player in android market. It’s nice for those who wants to listen and read lyrics of music while they listening. It is able to support more than 7 minutes longer songs in 32 languages lyrics online and offline both. You can search songs with some words song has in it if you have forget the song title. It’s on 6th place with 57,205 times five star rating.
mixzing media player7. MixZing Media Player
It's not just a music play but an editor as well. With this music app you can edit your music artist, album, title and track genre names. User interface looks simple and cool. But I feel like it’s just same as the default browser with some modification. But still it’s got the fans vote and it’s on 7th number of this list powered by 46,633 five star likes.
TTpod8. TTPod
TTop is a famous music player in Symbian and continuing their goodwill in android world. Symbian users who migrated to android they still use TTop because they have used to it especially Chinese users. It has many skins, photo arts and lyrics feature installed in it. 46,166 five stars make it to join the top 10 club of android music players.
9. PlayerPro Music Player
This music player comes with mixable audio effects. HTC devices can enjoy SRS audio effects like windows users. PlayerPro has been in the top 10 android music app in android market. But users 5 stars tell different story 8th place thanks to 26,404 five star. This app looks really promising but it’s expensive as well if you compare to other music players.
nrg player10. NRG Player
If you are looking for something different than it’s for you. It’s totally different than any other music player like double twister. They both has complete different user interface compare to other music players. You can customize this music player color with given color editor inbuilt in this app. This app going to be join top 5 music player club very soon it’s just starting for this app. It’s on 10th number but a big challenge for all above 9 apps.
Ok It’s the top 10 music players for android devices of all times. But I know many other apps which have great chances to come on top. I really wanted to add some of different design and style music players but it’s just top 10 lists. But I am going to list few more music players which are buggy but will be fix and come on top.  GoneMAD Music Player, Music Folder Player Free, Meridian Media Player Revolute, Rocket Music Player and Neutron Music Player these android music players look cool but has some bugs and error.

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  2. I like DaMusicPlayer is nice :) !!!

  3. I'm using Smart Music Player. It has a remote control feature which really works for me.

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