Monday, April 1, 2013

How To Turn Android 2.0 Or Up Into An Android Jelly Bean (Without Root)

Android keeps update their operating system with more advance features that’s the reason of its popularity. They improve android performance with every new updates that is why we all wants to update our android device. It’s really easy to get updated if your android phone has official updates option in settings>updates. You can simply download the official updated version and it’s automatically install in your device.
android jelly bean
But if your devices doesn’t show any updates then don’t disappoint. You still can update your device to latest android jelly bean 4.1. You need 512mb ram to get the jelly bean on your device. But you have to root (root void the warranty) your device and install a 4.1 suitable rom for your device. You can get all the information about how you can install jellybean on your device from XDA forum if you’re selecting rooting method. I am referring you there because every phone has different ways to install rom and different USB drivers. Find your phone selection there and follow the method to get jellybean. It will be handy for newbie.
jelly bean launcher
Jelly Bean launcher Theme
But I am here to show a no-root method of turn your android into jellybean.  You don’t need 512mb ram for this method you just need android 2.1 or up then your good to go for jelly bean in your device. It’s not actually install android jelly bean it’s just an android launcher which going to give you look of android jelly bean without rooting and without needing 512mb ram. Otherwise you need 512mb ram and root if you need a 4.1 rom in your device.

Android 4.1 jellybean for all android devices [without root

Google play store has a new app which can turn your android eclair into android jelly bean. It’s known as “Jelly Bean Launcher”. You just have to download and install this application and there you go you got android jelly bean on your device. Before this apps every users tried really hard to get jelly bean looks on old versions of android. But this app made it so easy to get jelly bean on any android device. There are a jelly beans look alike quick setting apps known as "AntTek Quick Settings" you can use it with jelly beans launcher. it also a free apps but paid version also available which is pro version. Paid version has more features than free version. You can download free version and if you likes it then you can upgrade to pro version.

Download: Jelly Bean Launcher free version
Download: AntTek Quick Settings free version (Optional)
quick settings
AntTek Quick Settings screenshot

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  1. working great in my micromax a50 with ics launcher

    1. You don't need ics launcher if you have installed jelly bean launcher. It will give you all the jelly beans effects.

  2. One more thing is that Android Jelly Bean adds smarter text prediction that can learn from my typing my habits and it starts predict the next word before I have typed it which is pretty amazing.


  4. so daaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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