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How To Play Pc Games On Android Smartphone

Most of the android phone can run PSX games via PlayStation 1 emulator. But when it’s come to pc games I think there is no emulator which can run pc game directly in your android device. There is a one emulator called PLAY PC GAMES ON YOUR DROID but it’s only run old x86 games like Doom, Fallout 1 Duke nuke 1 and Elder Scrolls 1 and 2. Why we can’t play new high graphic pc games like GTA4, Dirt 3, Assassin creed and many popular games. The reason behind it that pc games are too heavy for android phones processor and GPU. One thing we can do is waiting for the developers to convert pc games in android platforms like they have done with max Payne, Resident evil 4, Street Fighter IV, GTA VC and GTA 3. Or wait for Heavier processor, Ram and GPU android phones which will be enough powerful to run pc OS and pc games.
We can’t install pc operating system on android phone directly.  Although People have successfully installed windows 95, 98 and XP on android via Bochs or QEMU But its unstable and slow. However we have found a bypass way to Run PC operating system in android devices and it's software’s and Pc games. There is a app in Google app and apple store known as “Splashtop 2”. With it you can easily remote access your pc operating system. But for pc games on your android phones and tablets you need another app that’s called “Game keyboard” it will work as pc games controller.

Requirements to Run Pc Games on Android Devices.

  • A dual core Pc.
  • Game installed in PC that you want to play in android.
  • Android 2.2 or up version device.

How To Run Pc Games On Android Phone And Tablets.

  • You have to download and install Splashtop 2 software in your pc from here.
  • Download and Install Splashtop 2 app in your Android device.
  • Now Install GameKeyboard app in your android device.
  • After installing GameKeyboard app. Now you have to set up GameKeyboardGo to settings  → Language and keyboard → Tick Game Keyboard? → Game Keyboard settings → Mapping and Macro → Button Mappings. Now change buttons settings. Change Button A to G. Change Button B to W. Change Button X to F. Change Button Y to S.
  • After that change your android phone keyboard to GameKeyboard.
  • Now Sign up and log in on Splashtop 2 on pc and android device using same Splashtop id and Connect your phone through 3G or Wifi.
  • Start your PC game on window mode or change your desktop resolution to maximum.
  • Now you gonna see your pc game on your android screen. if you didn't see GameKeyboard on android screen hold physical option key.
If you are getting lag change the quality from sharp to smooth in Splashtop. you must have faster internet connection like 3G. your PC should be enough powerful to run a game on 60 fps so you won't get any lag playing games on android phone. Low down your game detail and resolution if your PC fail to get 60 fps. You can play only those games which supports physical ps2/ps3 controller.

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  1. Playing pc game to android phone is quite an interesting one. Though we know it is not that easy as there are essential steps we need to consider. Time will come that Android smartphone and personal computer can play or shall we say connect each other easily.

  2. Yes dude it will be possible very soon. Actually its started but low end games only like gta 3, vc, max payne etc. but in future we gonna play some heavy games on our android mobile

    1. Yes but now you can play verry vood games like far cry 3 and call of duty black ops

  3. Splashtop gamepadTHD include a Game Pa and is a special app for play PC games on Android. if you dont want to purchase the app, download it here :
    Sorry for my english I am French.

    1. It's okay. There's never a reason to be sorry for something as simple as that. :)

  4. The reason behind it that pc games Moviles android baratos are too heavy for android phones processor and GPU.

  5. What about quad core phones like the LG Optimus 4X HD? Can they run these games?

  6. pc game android tablet main kaisy chalegy bhai my email shan.jaan@live .com

  7. The only way to stream really demanding games (like borderlands 2 or BioShock infinite) is nvidia shield, and even then you need an nvidia computer and the console itself is $250.

  8. Thanks for sharing such very useful Castle Clash Hack

    1. Hey guys, here is some tips to stream your pc display on ur android phone using splashtop. 1st thing u should have dual core android phone + minimum 768 mb of ram. 2nd thing connect your phone to wifi. 3g is not as stable as wifi. 3rd thing your router/modem must have wifi N and above (google wifi N for more info). 4th thing ur pc should be wirely connected to the router so here we kill each millisecond of lag. And for games use splashtop Gamepad thd. This way you will be able to notice better performance up to 90%. So there's no need for the crappy Nvidia shield. Sorry for my english im Tunisian

  9. We can’t install pc operating system on android phone directly. gimp download

  10. Thanks for this information, The cause following it that pc games are also important for android phones processor and GPU, One object you can do is waiting for the developers to change pc games in android platforms like they have complete with max Payne, Resident evil 4, Street Fighter IV, GTA VC and GTA 3. you can download more android games on this link, Games

  11. Really awesome software and app , i connected and played for few minutes ..
    Thanks for showing this tricks to us , its very useful ..

  12. I'm having some lag and a few drops on my 925 paired with an alienware m17x however they appear to be because of some wlan speed issue following on the alienware screen the diversion runs fine.I wasn't lucky with steam games however,the server application doesn't see them whatsoever.Possibly with future updates it will show signs of improvement :-)Very guaranteeing however.
    @Regina Harper.



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