How to Verify Custom Domain in Blogger

blogger Logo BlogSpot has been stated a New rule to use custom domain "Domain Name Ownership verification". Without verifying your domain you can’t use custom domain feature in blogger / BlogSpot. It’s a pretty easy but some time it’s Become headache for Newbie Bloggers’ will teach you few method to get verify your domain Quickly.

Method 1. Verify Custom Domain By adding "Value in CNAMES".

In this case you will get 2 codes one for Name , Label Host Field and other code for Destination , target or point to field. As You can see in image code can be different than yours

Custom Domain
Image 1.1
you don't need to add www and in CNAME of your DNS if you already Set Up Your Custom Domain for Blogger.we Assume that you already added "A Records" in your Domain DNS.if not you can check "How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger".

So Now you need to add only 2nd line codes.

1.Log in to your Domain Name Provider site For Example , etc.
2.Go to your Manage DNS option.
3.Select CNAME Records.
4.Add CNAME Records See in image 1.2.
5.Click on Add Record
Adding CNAME
image 2.2
6. Now Save Click save on blogger. If any error come try after 12 or 24 Hours and then again click save on blogger like in image 1.1. But Keep in mind don't delete Added DNS Value because it take time to take effect
Note: This Method can take 24 hours to verify your Domain. I have bought the domain from bigrock so DNS Panel might looks different to other domain vendors sites. But this image will help you to add DNS code easily.
If you think method 1 is not satisfying you should try another Method which will take only 2 minutes to verify your Custom Domain in Blogger. Follow the method 2 

 Method 2. Verify Custom Domain By Using Google Webmaster Tool

This method similar to verifying Domain ownership in Google app. i Recommend this method because it’s too fast and will work without a doubt. If you follow me correctly so let’s get start again.

1.Go to
2.Login and click on Add A Site
3.Now you Select Alternative Methods Option
4.Now Check on Domain name provider
5.Just ignore there Domain Provider list even if your domain provider in that list because some of their method are same like method 1 above which take 24 just scroll down and Select Others.
6.Now you can see a line of code like in image copy your code.
verification code
Image 1.3

7.Log in to your Domain Name Provider site For Example , etc.
8.Go to your Manage DNS option.
9.Click on TXT Records.
10.Click on Add Txt Records and Add the code that you copied.Like in image 1.4
txt record
Image 1.4
10.Now Simply Click Verify On Google Webmaster Tool Site.Your Done!
11.Now You can add your Custom Domain On Blogger They wont ask any verification.Because your verified
Note: Google Webmaster Tool should be login with the same email id which you are using in blogger



Ya, it is helpful to vetify the domain


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